Guys, women know you're scared, and yes, they've heard all your excuses. That one about Valentine's Day being invented by greeting card companies has got to stop. Chick flicks alone don't cut it and chocolate alone is not a foolproof gift. But don't despair. These stores specialize in quick, painless and perfect gift shopping for even the most clueless men. Guys, you can breathe now.

3224 S. Broadway

Accessories abound at Adora. If your significant other wears a lot of jewelry, headbands or scarves, Adora’s got the perfect gift. Here you’ll find towers of headbands, two walls of purses, and a huge closet overflowing with scarves.

Don’t be daunted by all your choices. Store owner McKenzie Ross says just ask for help. Adora’s staff is smart and “up with the times”, she assures. Clerks grill the the guys with questions about their girls. Is she edgy or classic? Does she wear gold or silver? Does she wear big jewelry? Answer the questions and watch Adora’s staff make a bulletproof recommendation.

To find the perfect gift, McKenzie advises paying attention to the little things. If a guy wants to get a girl a purse, he should know what she carries now. Does she have a bag that is big or small? Is it black or brown? Having answers to questions like these will make all the difference when you visit Adora.

Scruples of Edmond
115 S. Broadway

Scruples has great gifts for the home. Scruples carries things like crystal bowls and figurines, pillows and bedspreads, and wine and cheese sets. The owner of the store, Susan Haines, recommends any piece made from Lalique crystal, which includes champagne glasses, perfume bottles, ring holders, vases and countless other beautiful keepsakes.

Haines notes that when looking for the perfect gift, a guy should be able to describe the woman he’s shopping for, including her likes and dislikes.

If your perfect girl likes sports, Scruples has OU and OSU purses made of woven grosgrain ribbon. They add a girly touch to any lady’s game day outfit.

Women also like a home that smells as good as it looks. Scruples’ fragrance pillows, available in modern, bright patterns and shapes, are filled with potpourri. They look great in a woman’s home, and they fill the room with a pleasant fragrance.

Paul Brockhaus Fine Jewelry

1289 E. 15th Street

Lots of men get nervous when they hear the word “jewelry.” That feeling becomes a distant memory after they visit Paul Brockhaus Fine Jewelry. Brockhaus and his business partner, Travis Simpson, make customers—especially guys—feel at home in their store. “If there’s a sporting event on, it’s usually on our TV. If a guy comes in with kids, we’ve got an Xbox and a kids’ room so we can entertain the children while he’s looking,” Simpson says.

Paul Brockhaus Fine Jewelry carries pieces ranging from simple lockets and charm bracelets to Hearts on Fire diamond rings. In order to help men sort through their initial confusion, Brockhaus and Simpson employ a secret weapon: hint cards. They allow women to select up to eight different pieces of jewelry. The store keeps the cards on file and gives a copy to the woman’s husband or boyfriend. Simpson says the cards work very well. “We see a guy come to the store, and he’s already pulled the hint card from the visor of his car as he’s getting out. He opens the store’s door, and he has the look of a deer in the headlights,” he chuckles, “But we are quick to fix that.”

Tiger Lily
1489 E. 15th Street

New York City shopping comes to Edmond at Tiger Lily. This store carries all the latest gifts and clothing that The Big Apple is known for. The New York City item Tiger Lily doesn’t have is Big Apple attitude.

Tiger Lily carries items like candles, bubble bath soap, perfume and even shoes and dresses. Chances are, if your girlfriend or wife likes fashion and stays on top of trends, this is your store. If you, on the other hand, have no clue about trends and fashion, store manager Kinsey Ellegard assures you that she or one of her staff will be able to assist you. She advises guys not to take the easy route when choosing a gift. “It’s really funny when guys come in, and if I’m wearing something cool, they say, ‘I’ll just take that. That looks good on you.’ Then they don’t have to decide. We sold out of every single scarf I wore at Christmas. Guys do that so they don’t have to choose.”

If a guy is willing to put some effort into choosing a gift, Kinsey recommends a collection of fragrances by Lollia. Tiger Lily carries five different Lollia fragrances—each available as bubble bath soap, candles, perfume, lotion and shimmer powder. Even the packaging says, “I didn’t screw up Valentine’s Day.” How about bubble bath soap wrapped to look like a message in a bottle with a pencil attached? What could be more romantic?

Serendipty Market
917 E. Danforth

For the ladies, Serendipity Market is a year-round craft fair paradise. With 85 shops, even the most clueless guy’s bound to find the right gift for his girl. Serendipity’s shops carry everything from handmade furniture and antiques to jewelry and jams. It’s loaded with romantic gifts for the home.

Manager Jinger Harris recommends that guys case their girls’ homes to get a sense of their style. Are her decorations antique or modern? Is there anything she collects? Armed with answers to these questions, a guy can easily leave Serendipity Market with a gift that proves he pays attention. Follow this rule, says Harris, and “Women will be very impressed. It’ll go over much better than flowers and chocolates.”

Paper Lion
3218 S. Boulevard

The Paper Lion sells much more than paper gifts. It overflows with candles, desk accessories, chic travel mugs and more. The best part—The Paper Lion boasts an entire wall of 25 gifts under $25. For less dexterous guys, the staff will cheerfully wrap gifts at no extra charge.

Designer luggage tags are hot this season and make the perfect present for the woman on the go. Scented drawer papers, designed to keep clothes and lingerie smelling fresh, are also popular gifts.

Store Manager Camden Maxwell says guys shouldn’t be intimidated by the many choices offered by The Paper Lion. Her staff has experience helping guys find the right gift, and points out that each of her clerks has a boyfriend or fiance. They know the score when a guy walks through the door with that blank look on his face. She suggests, however, that guys start their shopping early if they want to find a gift with the personal touch.

“On Valentine’s Day we have a flock of men in here,” says Maxwell, “We offer personalized stationary, always a hit for gifts, but it takes us 24 to 48 hours to get it printed. Because it’s a gift that shows a lot of thought.” Ashley Niles, a Sales Associate, offers this piece of advice to last-minute shoppers: “If all else fails, buy her something that makes her smell good.”

Tangles Salon & Boutique
1323 E. Danforth

Tangles Salon & Boutique combines two of a woman’s favorite places, so guys double their chances of finding the perfect gift here. In addition to providing all the pampering of a salon, the boutique sells gifts for women of almost any age.

Cookie Lambeth, the manager and buyer for the boutique, says what a guy gets a woman is not as important as the fact that he takes the time to choose something for her instead of getting her the typical flowers and candy combination. She recommends getting a lady something from their “I Am” perfume collection. This line of perfume, with scents like “I Am Hot” and “I Am Love,” comes with a description of the kind of woman who should wear each scent. This makes it easy for men to match their special girl to her custom fragrance.

In addition to perfume, Tangles has an assortment of clothing. A classic Valentine’s Day gift is sleepwear, and this boutique carries the popular Betsey Johnson pajamas. With spaghetti-strap tank tops, shorts, pants and long-sleeved t-shirts, men can pick out the ideal combination for their ladies.

6424 N. Western

Oklahoma’s leading cosmetic medical center has gifts that clueless guys can’t go wrong with. Choose from three special offerings that say your better half is the most important half.

Latisse Miracle Eye Growth Formula thickens eyelashes, giving her the long, luscious and natural eyelashes she’s always wanted.

Exfoliation is a key for the woman who loves cosmetics. Rejuvena offers Vibradermabrasion, an advanced form of microdermabrasion using diamond-studded paddles to gently exfoliate skin for smoother, clearer skin tone.

If you really want to make a big impression with her, try Juvederm KISS, a lip enhancement treatment that creates softer, fuller, voluptuous lips—for a kiss you’ll both love.

1466 S. Bryant

Spring Creek Plaza’s newest store, Artwear brims with one-of-a-kind jewelry, ceramic and glass pieces made by artisans from around the world. Get your loved one a new necklace, ring or earrings that can’t be found anywhere else.

Says owner Christine Seo, “The focus here is on jewelry. What makes it special is that these pieces are hand-forged, cast items set in bronze and white gold—with an array of different gemstones. It’s wearable art. A lot of people tell me they love it because they don’t see it anywhere else.”

Modern and contemporary, other items include bronze cast geniune pearls set like peas in a pod. “A lot of couples say they’re like two peas in a pod and it makes a cute Valentine’s Day gift.”

While Seo’s more than happy to take the time to help a clueless guy find the right gift, the offerings at Artwear are varied enough that instinct may be enough to get it right on Valentine’s Day.

Inspirations Tea Room
2118 W. Edmond Road

When men step in to Inspirations Tea Room, they usually feel a little out of place. Guests are whisked back in time to the era of Paris in the 1930s—complete with gold art deco accents and lively jazz music. However, the accommodating and helpful staff that includes the owner, Larry Rhoads, is happy to put guys at ease. Says Rhoads, “It’s not uncommon for guys to feel awkward coming in here. One man described it as a ‘Bass Pro Shop for women.’ But I believe that men who focus on something unique are showing thoughtfulness. Coming to a place like Inspirations Tea Room and finding a very thoughtful gift can be especially meaningful.”

For the thoughtful guys who are willing to branch out when looking for a gift, Larry says that he and his staff, most of whom are women, will be more than happy to help them choose a present. The tearoom has a gift shop that proudly sells over 80 selections of loose-leaf teas and all the accessories needed to brew them. Two of the flavors include French caramel crème brûlée and cherry almond.

The ultimate Valentine’s Day gift, Rhoads gently reminds clueless men, is a stay at the Two Hearts Inn Bed & Breakfast that adjoins the tea room. Five different suites, each with its own theme, are available. The Suite Island room, for example, features a cascading waterfall, fireplace and a palm tree. Every room in the Inn has a whirlpool, mini refrigerator and fireplace and a palm tree.

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