Guys, women know you're scared, and yes, they've heard all your excuses. That one about Valentine's Day being invented by greeting card companies has got to stop. Chick flicks alone don't cut it and chocolate alone is not a foolproof gift. But don't despair. These stores specialize in quick, painless and perfect gift shopping for even the most clueless men. Guys, you can breathe now.

3224 S. Broadway

Accessories abound at Adora. If your significant other wears a lot of jewelry, headbands or scarves, Adora’s got the perfect gift. Here you’ll find towers of headbands, two walls of purses, and a huge closet overflowing with scarves.

Don’t be daunted by all your choices. Store owner McKenzie Ross says just ask for help. Adora’s staff is smart and “up with the times”, she assures. Clerks grill the the guys with questions about their girls. Is she edgy or classic? Does she wear gold or silver? Does she wear big jewelry? Answer the questions and watch Adora’s staff make a bulletproof recommendation.

To find the perfect gift, McKenzie advises paying attention to the little things. If a guy wants to get a girl a purse, he should know what she carries now. Does she have a bag that is big or small? Is it black or brown? Having answers to questions like these will make all the difference when you visit Adora.

Scruples of Edmond
115 S. Broadway

Scruples has great gifts for the home. Scruples carries things like crystal bow