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Patrick and Joanne Mok, OwnersFor those of us in landlocked cities, far from exotic shorelines, we crave fresh seafood and enjoy it with great reverence. Nothing delivers that bliss like an exquisite lineup of seafood in its purest form—sushi. It’s as much a mood as it is a food. Done right, it’s an art, an attitude, a statement. Done superbly, it’s an icon.

Patrick and Joanne Mok, owners of Café Icon, had a vision 13 years ago, a passion to introduce a new standard of excellence in dining. Their healthy mission of providing exceptional sushi, crepes, and sandwiches was a gamble that paid off with Vegas-like rewards.

The Mok’s original 800-square-foot venture began at their former restaurant, Tropical Café, and has parlayed into a stunning new 4000-square-foot urban eatery. Loyal fans of Tropical Café eagerly followed the family to their new restaurant when it opened last year. As Patrick notes, “Because of our success and our loyal customer base, we decided it was time to grow and treat our customers and the Edmond community to a new experience.” Today, an explosive crowd of new enthusiasts is falling in line to try this trendsetting fare.

Cafe IconAs sushi-lovers know, quality is king—and Patrick has it down to a science. Not only does he offer an astounding and rare assortment of seafood hailing from the Netherlands, Hawaii and all over the globe, but he has it specially hand-tagged when it arrives at the dock. “The seafood goes from dock to restaurant in ten hours,” Patrick reveals. Now that’s fresh!

Head Sushi Chef Richard takes the seafood to the next level with his mesmerizing sushi designs that are truly edible art. Don’t feel bad if you want to snap a photo before you gobble up the masterpiece.

Though Café Icon is nestled modestly in a suburban strip mall, it boasts the exotic taste of the tropics and the eccentric glam of Vegas, mingled in a glitzy montage. Designed by an architect from Hong Kong and decorated by Joanne, the contemporary space gleams with sleek chrome and white leather. Amid the glossy grandeur, lighted artwork rhythmically changes colors, setting the perfect Zen mood for a show-stopping feast.

And feast you will! A brilliant pictorial menu of sushi, Teppan Grill specialties and their famous crepe desserts offers an eye-popping parade of possibilities. Not to be missed are their signature Lava Stone Grilled Entrées available after 4pm. “Café Icon is the first restaurant in Edmond to present this healthy, interactive dining experience,” Patrick remarks. “A black rock lava stone is heated to 824 degrees, searing meat and seafood to juicy perfection, using no oil or fat. Guests can cook one or two bites at a time, right at their table, so each bite is hot and delicious.”

Sushi at Cafe IconThough it’s right in the neighborhood, this cosmopolitan café takes you on a delicious journey you’ll want to re-visit and explore time and again.

Dine at Café Icon, just west of Target at 2nd & Bryant in Edmond, Mon.–Sat. 11am–10pm and Sun. 11am–9pm. Call 340-8956 or visit

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