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Spinal manipulation, known as chiropractic therapy, has been documented for thousands of years, even by “Hippocrates, the father of medicine.” Though it’s often considered an alternative form of health care, for many Oklahomans it’s the ‘traditional choice.’ Dr. Steve Yandell, of Yandell and Nightengale Chiropractic, began 26 years ago when there were only six chiropractors in Edmond. “Growing up in Edmond, I watched my best friend become a chiropractor and go to work every day excited. He convinced me to become a chiropractor so I went to Parker University and haven’t missed a beat since,” said Yandell.

Dr. Devin Nightengale joined Yandell three years ago. A personal experience with chiropractic therapy inspired him in college to change his undergraduate major to chiropractic. “I seriously injured my back in a basketball game while attending Oklahoma Christian. After trying different treatments without success, I had two visits with Yandell, became pain free and was playing ball again. What intrigued me was through continued therapy, my balance and overall game performance improved,” said Nightengale.  
According to Nightengale, chiropractic therapy “relieves the physiological stress on the nervous system which increases it’s effectiveness allowing the body to function in a more optimal way.” Yandell and Nightengale believe the technique they use “is impossible to find elsewhere” because their protocol was developed by Yandell.

“We test everyone beforehand because we’re firm believers that someone shouldn’t be adjusted unless needed. We have automatic machines for those who can’t lie down or don’t want a physical adjustment and we won’t use something unless it’s proven. We were first in Oklahoma to get the compression/decompression machine and the Bax Aura, an allergy treatment machine. We’re first in the state chiropractic association for selling the most OSCIPA cards that save patients 25% on services,” said Yandell.

Nightengale oversees the allergy treatment therapy that can help desensitize the symptoms of allergens. “Of the 400 chiropractors that use this therapy across the U.S., we’re the only ones in the metro. We’ve had a lot of success with this therapy that is painless, non-invasive and takes about 10 minutes,” said Nightengale. “Our patients range from kids to the elderly, and from weekend warriors to high profile athletes. We’re also proud to have a 90% success rate of relieving migraines and headaches.”

“We love helping people who’ve given up hope of feeling good again,” said Yandell. “If people understood what chiropractic could do for their health, we’d need more chiropractors,” said Yandell.

Yandell and Nightengale Chiropractic Wellness Center is located at 911 S. Bryant. For appointments or information about insurance coverage, call 341-7246.

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