BUSINESS: The Balanced Life Weight Loss Clinic

The Balanced LifeThe typical American diet
consists of processed foods, sugars and starches. This type of diet leads to
obesity, diabetes, high blood pressure and high cholesterol, or metabolic
Syndrome X.

With all the information
available related to diets, diet products and supplements, it’s easy to get
confused and end up doing nothing or trying to eat a “more balanced diet”
without any results. This can lead to feeling hopeless.

But there is hope! Tina Shelly,
RN at The Balanced Life Weight Loss Clinic is here to help. The clinic’s Ideal
Protein Weight Loss Program has brought many dieters hope, health and the
weight loss that has been so elusive to them in the past. Tina works closely
with each participant to ensure success. 

“Over the past 25 years in the
medical field, I’ve seen patients being prescribed pill after pill with no
improvement in their health status,” Tina says of her inspiration to start the
clinic. “With no mention of education for a diet change, the health problems
just escalate.” No pill will stop the damage of a poor diet.

The Ideal Protein Weight Loss
Program consists of a four-phase protocol—weight loss in the first two phases
and weight maintenance in the latter two. The program offers protein foods which
have a high-nutritional value, are low in calories and fat, and contain eight
essential amino acids. This protocol not only ensures weight loss, but also the
stabilization of blood sugar levels and other obesity-related issues.

To ensure success and
compliance, weekly weigh-ins and measurements are an important part of the
protocol. Tina coaches dieters on compliance, dieting tips and the importance
of drinking enough water each day. “This is the best part of my job—I love
helping people reach their goals. It makes me feel like I am a part of the
solution and not a part of the problem and it makes me happy,” Tina said,

After having lost 40 pounds on
this diet herself, Tina is its strongest supporter. “The Ideal Protein Weight
Loss Program has made it possible for people to lower their blood pressure, blood
sugar and even decrease or stop medi-cations,” she states. “All of my dieters
have reported more energy, less joint pain and an increase in general

“This is what it’s all about—helping
people feel better, lose weight and live the life that they were meant to

To learn more about The Balanced
Life Weight Loss Clinic, contact Tina Shelly at 330-6800 or at

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