Zach & Vanessa TeagueA flock of geese has invaded your backyard and decided to make your pool their home. What do you do? Zach Teague, owner and operator of SOS Pools is here to save the day!

Zach and his team service the Edmond, Deer Creek and northwest Oklahoma City area by providing swimming pool maintenance, resurfacing and remodeling to a growing list of more than 400 clients.

Evidently Zach is doing something right. SOS Pools has thrived over the last seven years. What’s driving his business? Referrals. Zach said he’ll begin with one client in an area, and before long, his reputation of having a personable approach and reasonable pricing has spread to neighbors who hire him as well. “We like to keep our customers happy and go above and beyond their expectations,” said Zach, “We try to always be honest and not ‘upsell’ them on unnecessary products or services.”

A majority of Zach’s business is in providing routine care and upkeep to his clients. SOS Pools helps their customers maintain good water chemistry through weekly maintenance programs, and encourages all pool owners to keep their pools clean. Zach advises that “just because algae isn’t visible doesn’t mean it isn’t growing, and even during the fall and winter when people aren’t swimming, pools should be maintained and regulated.”

The Team at SOS PoolsA clean pool also ensures added safety. When drains aren’t properly cleaned, the build-up can cause increased suction in the pool’s drainage system, which can be dangerous and even deadly. The suction from a faulty drain can entrap a person at the bottom of the pool. The SOS team verifies that each client’s drains are in compliance with federal standards.

In his many years in the pool industry, Zach has seen his fair share of bizarre incidents. Remember the geese that wouldn’t leave? The team at SOS came up with a solution by placing a stuffed coyote on the customer’s porch—and it worked! Being in the pool industry means not being afraid to get the occasional soaking. Every member of the team has fallen in a customer’s pool at least once. As fun and funny as that sounds, the circumstances aren’t always ideal. “The worst is falling into a pool during winter snow and ice,” Zach commented. He also was once called to repair a customer’s safety cover after a horse ran on and tore up a pool cover. With that kind of dedication to service and happy customers, it’s no doubt Zach and SOS Pools have a bright future.

For more information on SOS Pools, visit their website at or call 513-8155.

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