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Scribes Desktop SolutionsThey say Take a picture because
it will last longer
, but that isn’t always the case. We love preserving our
memories in photos and videos, but what happens when they start getting too old
and deteriorating? That’s where Scribes Desktop Solutions can help. They are able
to digitize your old family photos and films, preserving your memories for
another immeasurable amount of years.

Darryl Fuller has always been
interested in animation, videos and printing, and thought there was a market
for it. He took the plunge 10 years ago, bought a machine to digitize film and
began Scribes Desktop Solutions. Now he is able to do what he likes to do and,
at the same time, help people save memories. Scribes is family-owned, allowing
Darryl to work with his son and daughter, Daniel and Michelle, and his wife,

Fuller loves seeing people’s
faces light up when their memories get a facelift. Fuller remembers one
customer that previewed a slide show. “A mom and her daughter came to my house
to view their video and before they finished, they were crying. I was almost
crying,” Fuller chuckled.

He has recovered film for
customers who feared it was past saving and shown customers long-forgotten or
never-seen memories of old vacation slides. Time can eat away at film or photos
the longer they are left in storage. If left unchecked, the deterioration can
get so bad that the originals may not be recoverable. To prevent this from
happening, Scribes will personalize and preserve your memories.

Their standards are unsurpassed.
Until it is right, Fuller says, “You don’t have to pay me. I will take the time
to get it right—however long that takes.” If a customer isn’t satisfied,
Scribes will continue to tweak the project.

Scribes Desktop Solutions can
transfer almost anything from videotapes, or scan photographs, photo negatives
or projector slides. The scanned photos are saved on a disk so that prints can
be made or a DVD slide show can be created. Fuller gives full rights to all of
the transferred data, so copies can be made.

Scribes Desktop Solutions’
mission is to preserve the memories of their clients while making them more
accessible and allowing them to be easily shared with friends and family. Don’t
wait until it’s too late to preserve your old family videos and
photos—reenergize the family albums and visit Scribes Desktop Solutions.

To learn more about Scribes
Desktop Solutions, contact Darryl Fuller at 405-230-7340.

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