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Ree, owner of Ree's Housekeeping and SweetsThere are certain things that Ree comes to expect when cleaning a home. The mother of two is used to keeping a house clean, but there was nothing ordinary about what she recently found in one of her client’s home. “They kind of lived out in the middle of nowhere,” she said. After cleaning the living area and bedrooms, Ree moved into the bathroom area to finish the job. What happened next would cause a few screams—Ree reached to pick up the bathroom mat and discovered a little surprise. “I found a snake!” she exclaimed. Ree quickly got rid of the snake and is now able to laugh at the experience and chalk it all up to a day’s work with Ree’s Housekeeping and Sweets.

Reanna “Ree” Bell is a single mother who started Ree’s Housekeeping and Sweetsout of necessity. “I had gotten divorced and I have two children,” she said. “I needed to have a second income. Housekeeping was something that I could do in my free time.”

Since starting her business, Ree has found success not only because of her great housekeeping services, but also because clients began to crave the scrumptious baked treats that she leaves behind. “This last week we did macaroons,” she said. “We often do blondies, lemon squares and the triple layer brownies are always a big hit!” Ree is able to combine her skills as a chef and her love for clean houses into one unique hospitality service. “I had worked as a pastry chef and I made a lot of cakes and pastries,” she said. “I love cooking—I adore it. It’s a little niche that sets me apart from other people.”

In addition, Ree’s business is more than just a housekeeping service. It has become a single moms’ club of sorts. Ree believes that single mothers are the ideal employees for her business. They know what it takes to keep a home clean and they need a job that allows flexible work schedules. “It really fills in the gaps for a lot of people.”

Ree is looking forward to growing her business and hopes to create a platform for other aspiring business owners. “I’d like to build a strong team and provide this opportunity to other people who are excited about being their own boss.” 

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