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Profiles InternationalFor many businesses, today’s decisions are tomorrow’s successes or failures. With the right resources, wise choices become smart business. No one knows this better than Brian Kelly, president of Corporate Profile Solution Specialists and a senior executive account representative for Profiles International. Kelly loves tackling problems with a solution that’s proven to work. “We provide business owners with information to make better decisions regarding their people issues. We help them identify top performers based on the company’s unique criteria and help them develop and retain those individuals, improving the client’s bottom line,” said Kelly.

Profiles International serves more than 40,000 clients worldwide providing assessment tools that, according to Kelly, have made their services “high in demand.” “My business is based primarily in the OKC and Tulsa areas but (we) also service several large national accounts through our Enterprise Solutions Division. Typically those clients have 500-1,000 employees minimum.” Kelly says their flagship product is the Profile XT (PXT) which provides information on learning index, behavioral traits and occupational interest. In addition to the PXT, the Checkpoint 360 Feedback tool measures 70 specific job skills which fall into eight universal management and leadership competencies and 18 skill sets.

Kelly started Corporate Profile Solution Specialists, a subsidiary company of Profiles International, in 2005. After 17 years of coaching college football at universities across the U.S., Kelly was living in Illinois while his family was living in Edmond. “That wasn’t a good fit for my family. I literally answered an ad for Profiles International, traveled to their headquarters in Waco, Texas, and began partnering with them. In education, it’s all about test and measurement. I enjoy the science behind the testing and this is a nice complement to what I’ve done in the past,” he said.

Kelly is enthusiastic and proud of the integrity of the company he partnered with almost seven years ago. “We perform reliability and validity testing on our products continuously and have set the industry standard for our products while remaining moderately priced. It’s one reason I chose to go to work for them. I can go to a business fully confident that we have the best possible products for them,” he said.

“A lot of employers don’t realize what the cost of turnover is until they put pen and paper to it. An engaged worker produces about 60 percent more than an unengaged worker because they’re satisfied and enjoy being there. That’s different than someone who just clocks in and out,” said Kelly. “If a company has personnel issues, it’s worth it to pick up the phone and see if we’re a good fit for their company.”
 For more information, go to or call Kelly at 517-4791.

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