BUSINESS: Profiles International

Profiles InternationalFor many businesses, today’s decisions are tomorrow’s successes or failures. With the right resources, wise choices become smart business. No one knows this better than Brian Kelly, president of Corporate Profile Solution Specialists and a senior executive account representative for Profiles International. Kelly loves tackling problems with a solution that’s proven to work. “We provide business owners with information to make better decisions regarding their people issues. We help them identify top performers based on the company’s unique criteria and help them develop and retain those individuals, improving the client’s bottom line,” said Kelly.

Profiles International serves more than 40,000 clients worldwide providing assessment tools that, according to Kelly, have made their services “high in demand.” “My business is based primarily in the OKC and Tulsa areas but (we) also service several large national accounts through our Enterprise Solutions Division. Typically those clients have 500-1,000 employees minimum.” Kelly says their flagship product is the Profile XT (PXT) which provides information on learning index, behavioral traits and occupational interest. In addition to the PXT, the Checkpo