BUSINESS: Lawrence Goodwin, Attorney

Lawrence GoodwinNobody wants to get divorced,
and Lawrence “Lorenzo” Goodwin, divorce attorney, knows this. However, you
don’t have to go through it alone. Goodwin is going to be there to help walk
clients through every step of the way, helping them understand every situation,
obstacle and victory.

“Our clients come to us during a
terrible time in their lives—there are custody issues and money battles,” he
explains from his office on NW 13th and Shartel. “We do our best to have
empathy for each client, while at the same time being entirely honest with
them.” His office reflects this ideology, being a renovated house instead of a
high-rise building. “It feels like you’re coming to visit a friend,” he says.

Lawrence Goodwin graduated from
the OCU School of Law in 2003, focusing on child support, custody and divorce
law. Through the past ten years, Goodwin has developed a reputation for being
honest, trustworthy and delivering results. A past client, Jamie Lynn Braden,
truly appreciated the attention Goodwin gave her. “Lawrence starts building a
relationship with a client by laying a foundation of honesty,” she said. “The
relationship is then secured by trust, made possible by his experience level
and the results he obtains in your case.”

Goodwin’s law firm differs
greatly from others in the area. According to him, “the biggest complaint I
hear about lawyers is that there is a lack of communication between the lawyer
and the client. At my firm, the rule is, ‘You don’t get to go home until you’ve
returned all your calls.’” Being available and open to communication with
clients helps set Goodwin apart from the crowd. Lawrence advises clients to be
well prepared for their divorce proceedings, “If my clients can bring me
documentation in a timely manner, well organized, then I can be much more
efficient in the prosecution of their case. Also, write down questions through
the week as you think of them for your meetings with your attorney. You will
save everyone a lot of time and money if you come well prepared.”

Through it all—divorces, custody
battles, child support—Goodwin wants people to know that, not only is he on his
clients’ side, he is there to counsel them through a difficult time. Goodwin
emphasizes, “I have had to tell a lot of people hard truths that other
attorneys don’t want to tell their clients. I ask the right questions and if
their legal situation is not good or if I feel they need to take serious
actions to preserve their custody or financial situation, then I will
immediately give them the hard truths.”

Call 405-605-7771 or visit

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