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Jeff Fry and the team at JGF Design StudioCustom home design allows owners to use their properties truly as extensions of themselves. The process to design and build a custom home can, however, be extremely stressful and daunting. Choosing an expert company can help reduce the anxiety and tension of building your dream home from the ground up. JGF Design Studio uses an exceptionally talented staff of architects, building designers, and interior designers to design the most innovative homes in the country.

Jeff Fry, the company’s president and founder, says “JGF’s core mission is to ‘Empower the Homebuyer.’” Their empowerment process is described in four steps: Inquire – Inspire – Innovate – Illustrate. Within these steps the homebuyer is equipped with the information and tools they need to stay on top of the project from design through closing. Fry believes a true custom home is one that is designed and built according to the vision and lifestyle of the owner. Too often, Fry believes, owners settle for plans found in plan books or from the internet which don’t allow their lifestyle to be fully realized in their new home. “We strive to offer every client the opportunity to participate in the process of designing their home and equip them to visualize the design clearly which helps them to make informed decisions. One of our key assets in this endeavor is our mastery of state-of-the-art 3D design software that provides unparalleled visualization,” said Fry.

Digital rendering of a JGF Design Studio homeMany factors should be taken into account when designing a custom home beyond square footage and the number of bedrooms and bathrooms. Considerations such as age of the occupants and their mobility concerns, entertaining preferences, meal preparation and dining preferences to name a few. “A custom home is tailored to your family and your lifestyle and must be created by someone who can ask the right questions and translate your answers into a set of well-coordinated construction documents.” JGF Design strives to capture these unique and individual characteristics and apply them to the design of their new home.

In order to avoid the fear and confusion many clients have about building their own home, Fry explains how his team works and what needs to happen at each step; “We seek to educate our clients continually and assist them with staying on track, on budget and on schedule,” Fry says.

Digital rendering of JGF Design Studio homeThe attention to detail and consideration of each family they work with is indicative of JGF’s versatility and expertise in creating one-of-a-kind homes for their clients.

JGF Design Studio is based in Guthrie. For more info, call 405-293-9700 or visit

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