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Melissa Hill, co-owner of Home Care Assistance & Becky Legleiter, Home Care Assistance staffing coordinatorAt Oklahoma’s Home Care Assistance, experienced and compassionate healthcare professionals are dedicated to giving aging seniors the attention and personal care they need in the comfort of their homes, allowing seniors to age in place.

“Staying at home can be much more comfortable, in a familiar environment with all the memories and things we’ve built our lives around,” said Melissa Hill, who co-owns Oklahoma’s Home Care Assistance with Greg Bridges, RN, MA. “And the thing that’s so wonderful about having home care is you literally are getting one-on-one support—someone who is completely attentive to your needs. Plus, a care manager oversees the care so our clients have a team supporting them.”

Rather than one caregiver assisting up to 15 people, which can be the case at long-term care facilities, at-home professionals focus their attention on one person, allowing for the best quality of care. Home Care Assistance, serving Edmond and Oklahoma City, offers live-in or 24-hour care as well as hourly care.

“We really get to know the person, their preferences, their lifestyle, and we can help support that lifestyle,” Hill added.

Home Care Assistance emphasizes balance and longevity by employing the “Balanced Care MethodTM,” a holistic approach to care that includes a healthy diet and physical activity. It also focuses on keeping seniors’ minds sharp, keeping them socially connected and helping them live with purpose.

Home Care Assistance also offers its exclusive Cognitive Therapeutics MethodTM, an activities-based program based on the science of brain training to slow the progression of cognitive decline. It can help improve certain brain functioning, and helps seniors build a routine to look forward to, regain a sense of pride and accomplishment and engage with others in an enjoyable way.

Hill and Bridges worked for nearly a decade together within the healthcare quality improvement sector on behalf of Medicare, and have brought that passion for quality healthcare with them to Home Care Assistance.

“This is a wonderful opportunity for me personally, and I know for Greg, too, to directly impact the lives of people in our community and really see that impact,” she said. “It’s absolutely a privilege when people invite us into their homes and into their lives to take care of their aging loved ones.”

Learn more about Home Care Assistance at or call 285-4191.

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