BUSINESS: Fine Hearing Care

Lisa Irby, AuD CCC-A, OwnerThis is much more than a business.

That’s the main sentiment you’ll
leave with after spending a few minutes with the warm staff at Fine Hearing
Care. Sure, they’ve got a long list of accolades and accomplishments and have a
string of letters behind their names that could fill up the entire alphabet,
but that’s not what makes them special. Care is behind their company name for a

“Our priority is to ensure our
patients don’t miss out on life’s precious moments,” said Marketing Manager
Jill Laxton. That’s exactly something that hearing loss can do—force you to
miss out. The doctors at Fine Hearing Care have been connecting patients with
life’s most important moments for over 21 years and they show no signs of
slowing down. The staff looks at their clients as extended family members.
There is a reason the cozy clinic feels comfortable and inviting. “Our current
building was a home for many years before it was turned into a business,” says
Laxton. “So many of our patients have quite a few stories they share about the
people who lived here over the years.”

While patients are busy sharing
two decades worth of funny stories, the staff members at Fine Hearing Care are
providing some of the best audiological services that the state has to offer.
“Fine Hearing Care has a staff of licensed audiologists, all holding
doctorates,” says Laxton. “We work as a team and as a family to partner with
our patients and build long-term relationships for their hearing healthcare.”

The audiologists at Fine Hearing
Care are also taking time to empower people with the knowledge base to protect
their own hearing. “It’s always a good idea to have regular hearing
evaluations, to monitor your baseline levels,” says Laxton. “Hearing
protection—such as custom plugs or muffs—is also a good idea for people who are
in loud environments.”

Laxton gives a confident
response when quizzed about the future of Fine Hearing Care. “We strive to be
the premier hearing healthcare team in Oklahoma,” she says. It’s this type of
drive that has kept the team thriving for so long. Laxton’s team is inching
closer to their goal by continuing to provide quality service—one ear at a

more information about Fine Hearing Care, call them at 340-9191, visit their
offices at 2801 S. Bryant Ave. or go to

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