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Great news for the germ-conscious: a spray that wipes out everything from mold spores and bacteria to the flu virus is now available for residential use.

Technician spraying Enviro-MistEnviro-Mist, an Oklahoma City-based disinfecting, sterilizing and mold-killing company, uses a hydrogen peroxide-based solution to kill fungi, MRSA and more in homes throughout the state. Previously used in only hospitals and other health care facilities, the service is now gaining popularity among homeowners—and for good reason.

“There have always been superbugs, viruses, diseases and mold, but now there’s actually a company that will respond to industries outside of health care,” said Dave Salas, owner of Enviro-Mist, which also has branches in Dallas, Denver and Kansas City. Salas said the corrective and preventative service is not only effective in health care systems, but it’s great for families who have a sick child and fear the virus will spread to other family members or classmates.

“We’ll respond to businesses that want to cut down on missed sick days, schools that want to ensure no one else gets sick, and households where maybe someone has had an operation, is undergoing chemotherapy or dialysis and that patient needs a sterile environment.” 

“We look forward to the day we’re doing more disinfecting and sterilizing in people’s homes,” he said. “I think in a couple years, that’s going to be as common as any other service you have in your home, from carpet cleaning to air duct cleaning. I think our public consciousness is just moving that way.”

Enviro-Mist makes disinfecting look easy with its portable equipment, quick-drying mist and simple science. The company uses a low-percentage hydrogen peroxide solution that’s run through a 1,7000 volt cold plasma arc, creating what they refer to as a six-log kill (a 99.999 percent reduction, or completely sterile environment).

The system has an interesting background, according to Salas. “Our technology was developed by the defense department to eradicate weaponized Anthrax.”

Setting themselves apart from other cleaning and disinfecting services, everything about Enviro-Mist is green and environmentally friendly. The technology is able to kill superbugs, while only leaving behind a residue of water and oxygen.

Enviro-Mist responds to homes, schools and businesses. Book an appointment by calling 510-0080. Visit to learn more.

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