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The road to getting healthy and staying healthy isn’t paved with prescriptions; it’s about getting to the root of the problem and reversing it with diet and lifestyle modifications.

Erin Files, owner of Encompass WellnessThat’s the philosophy Erin Files and her team at Encompass Wellness follow, and it’s a method of health care that’s changing lives for the better in the Edmond area.

“My passion is for helping people. Not just finding out what’s wrong with them, but also why,” said Files, a certified family nurse practitioner whose outlook on health and healing changed drastically during her nurse practitioner training. She said the traditional approach to healthcare focused on treating with medicine without acknowledging the body’s ability to heal itself or acknowledging that people want a different option. Sometimes the answer is medication, Files said, but in most cases, it’s not.

At Encompass Wellness, Files helps patients find which road to health and happiness is right for them. The center offers services for hormone replacement therapy, thyroid management, aesthetics, general health, weight loss and cryotherapy, or the use of cold-temperature therapy to treat injuries, rehabilitate muscles and can even be used for weight loss.

While Encompass already has a full spectrum of services, Files seeks to eventually bring in a personal trainer and a nutritionist to offer nutritional counseling. That way, patients have the resources to not only learn about what they should do to be healthy, but have an extra push to follow through with it.

“I want this to be somewhere people can come and get healthy in every aspect of their lives,” Files said. “That’s my vision.”

One of the services growing in popularity is aesthetics. The center’s aesthetician helps patients with fine lines, wrinkles, acne scars, varicose veins and more. Those seeking laser hair removal, waxing, chemical peels and botox will find what they need at Encompass Wellness.

Open since June, Encompass Wellness is making its mark on the Edmond area. Its books are filled with appointments for patients who are eager to make changes in their lives. Files hopes patients who visit Encompass Wellness leave feeling like they’ve just confided in and received advice from a trusted friend.

“They can tell I love what I do and I genuinely care about making them better,” Files said. “And they really care about me. It’s like I’m seeing my friends every day.”

Encompass Wellness is located at 910 NW 139th St. Parkway. Visit to learn more and book your first appointment.

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