BUSINESS: Dr. Garzon Pediatric Dentistry

Dr. Martha Garzon, DentistIf taking a child to the dentist isn’t high on your fun list, then you haven’t met Dr. Martha Garzon. Not only is her newly designed clinic a childhood haven, but Dr. Garzon also has a gift for making patients feel comfortable. In fact, it’s not uncommon for children to run up and hug her because they are so excited to see her!

“I love children and their world. I enjoy their imagination and their sweetness,” Garzon said. Her office has television screens on the ceiling and video games. Dr. Garzon is well-versed at chatting with the kids about their individual interests, from Star Wars to Santa Claus, and parents are encouraged to stay in the room during treatment. 

When it comes to treating special needs patients, Dr. Garzon has carved out a special niche. She and her staff do continuous training on techniques for working with children facing physical, emotional, mental or behavioral challenges.

“We customize our treatment for everyone, but some children are more challenging,” Dr. Garzon said. “We often get calls from parents who’ve been rejected by multiple dentists because their children have challenges. These families are happy to find a dental home where they are welcome and cared for.”

According to Dr. Garzon, open conversations allow the parents to share suggestions that will help their children relax—it might be an aversion to certain textures, tastes or volume levels. Together, the goal is to “help the child succeed and have a good dental experience.”

As a child growing up in South America, Dr. Garzon had nice dentists who influenced her career choice. She trained in Boston and New Jersey and is certified by the American Board of Pediatric Dentistry. Dr. Garzon just celebrated the 13th anniversary of her dental practice in Edmond. She enjoys watching families grow up, and confesses that her parameter of treating children from “first tooth to 18 years old” has stretched to include a few college students who aren’t yet ready to leave their favorite dentist.

Dr. Garzon is fulfilled by working with children. She enjoys those daily breakthroughs with kids who learn that going to the dentist is helpful, not scary—but she is most proud of the moments when she can treat a severe case that could prevent serious future problems.

“Once you gain a child’s trust, she/he can relax and feel safe,” said Dr. Garzon.

Visit their new location at 870 S. Kelly Ave., call 348-5757 or go online at

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