BUSINESS: Crossings Community Clinic

Steve Turner, Director of Crossings Community ClinicWalking into the Crossings Community Center and Clinic, one gets an immediate feeling of welcoming and peace. The center’s director, Steve Turner, shows an obvious passion for helping other people in service of the Lord. To him and the volunteers who donate their time and talent to providing care to uninsured Oklahomans, they believe that being a follower of Christ means serving the community.

To date the clinic has seen more than 32,000 patient visits and provided more than $12 million in medical and dental care.

In January of next year the clinic will move to its final location at 10255 N. Pennsylvania Avenue. According to Steve, the clinic’s goal is to become the primary care provider to uninsured individuals, and to “be a ministry until Christ returns, to show people in a tangible way the heart of Christ through our service.”

The clinic and community center employs one full-time PA and one part-time MD, and relies on more than 650 volunteers, including licensed physicians, nurses, dentists, dental hygienists, dental assistants, eye care providers and mental health providers, as well as volunteers from the community. Marie Bockus, DDS is one of the many community members who volunteers with the clinic. “It’s amazing to use my hands, my talent and my knowledge to help patients who can’t help thems