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Computer ZoneFor many of us, our computers are our lives. Or at least, they contain a large portion of our lives within their mysterious walls. Access to important files, photos and our connection to the Internet all rely on the proper functioning of what is, for many people, an unimaginably complicated invention.

So when something goes wrong, naturally we panic. Wayne Hing started the Edmond company Computer Zone in 1996 to ease some of that anxiety. Computer Zone is essentially the emergency room for computer ills. “Our goal has always been the same — trying to make sure we fix every computer that comes into the shop and (the customers) are happy when they leave,” said Hing.

And like the waiting room at any real ER, time is of the essence. “Customers have been looking for fast turnaround whenever they have problems and that is something we have to meet every day,” Hing says. They work to fix a host of problems. The most common ones, Hing explains, have to do with popular viruses, lost data and hardware malfunction.

Contributing to Computer Zone’s success is customer loyalty. “We believe repeat business is the key to the success in our business and I’m very fortunate to have a team that works very hard with me every day to meet the consistency of excellent service,” says Hing.

Among this customer base are even a few well-known customers like television newscasters. “That makes us feel very good that they trust us,” Hing says, but emphasizes that to the employees of Computer Zone, all of their customers are well-known. “We get to know customers very well. In fact we know every customer that comes in here by name,” Hing says. He enjoys the small-town feel of Edmond and there was never any other place he considered starting a business. “I’m very comfortable living in Edmond,” he says.

Hing came to the United States from Malaysia in 1990 and graduated from the University of Central Oklahoma in 1995. This is his home and, until four years ago, it was the sole home for Computer Zone. In time, Hing recognized a need to and opened another location in Norman to provide that community with the same service Edmond has been enjoying.

Hing says he wants new customers to come in and give Computer Zone a chance, reiterating his gratitude for long-time customers. “We are very fortunate to have a very broad customer base,” he says. And for those of us needing to rush our precious computers to immediate medical attention, Hing and the rest of his team are waiting.

Computer Zone is located at 29 W. Main Street in downtown Edmond. To learn more visit, call 844-5520 or e-mail

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