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Tim Hayalli & Kyle Deforest of Certified AutoCar trouble is never good news, but visiting a mechanic doesn’t have to be an overpriced experience. The technicians at Certified Auto Specialists are successfully beating the stereotype that having your car repaired includes false or needless charges.

Want proof? “Our ticket has no hidden costs,” said owner Tim Hayali. “You shouldn’t be charged for shop supplies, like rags—that’s part of doing business. And have you ever been charged an oil disposal fee? There are several companies that perform this service at no charge.”

The greater proof, however, comes in the form of reputation. Hayali has been pleased by the number of customers who’ve followed him to his new shop, which opened six months ago.

“My name is important to me,” said Hayali. “I’ve been working on cars in Edmond for 25 years. When I work on your vehicle—if I touch it—my name is on that vehicle. And I want a good name.” 

An OSU graduate with an automotive technology degree, Hayali knows customers can be taken advantage of because they don’t understand the technology of their vehicle. He speaks in layman terms and will even email pictures to his clients so that they have a legitimate understanding of each repair.

Recently, Hayali had a customer who was quoted a $2,000 part replacement by another shop, but once he looked at her car, he noticed a simple leak, repaired it, and charged $100. Now, her whole family trusts Certified Auto Specialists with their car upkeep.

Unlike many auto technicians, Tim Hayali didn’t grow up watching his dad tinker with cars. He stumbled into his career when he turned 16, and his car broke down on the highway. He decided to never pay another tow truck again, so he took a vocational course on basic car repair—and found his talent.

He later spent two years training Kyle Deforest, a WYO Tech graduate, as his apprentice. Neither of them cared for the practice of adding upsell charges to earn a commission. The two ASE Master Technicians now enjoy working together and specializing in difficult repairs.

Certified Auto Specialists is proud to offer a clean shop that isn’t a grease pit. But above all—they are proud of their reputation and their good name. 

Certified Auto Specialists is located at 13841 N. Lincoln in Edmond or visit

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