BUSINESS: Avenge Pest Control

Chris Coon, owner of Avenge Pest ControlSkittering in the night. Extra creaky floorboards. Creepy crawlies. No, it’s not the beginning of a scary movie, but Chris Coon, owner of Avenge Pest Control, is the hero of the story.

At Avenge, Coon and technician Mike Barnes provide a full range of pest control services, dealing with termites, spiders, ticks, fleas, ants, wasps, and even small rodents such as mice and rats. “It changes with the season,” Coon says. “Each time of year we’re fighting something different.”

He observes that this year has brought an abundance of ants to Oklahoma, thanks to the wet spring weather. Fleas and ticks are now beginning to show up, as hotter, drier weather settles in. Coon often recommends a quarterly pest control program to many of his clients, and Avenge handles both interior and exterior treatments. Coon is a state certified termite inspector, and offers free, no-obligation termite inspections.

Avenge Pest Control gives clients the chance to feel comfortable in their own homes again. “That’s what pushes me,” he says. “It’s helping people solve problems.”

After more than a decade working in the pest control industry, Coon opened his own company in November of 2013. Now, Avenge Pest Control has built a solid customer base across the metro area, from Norman and Shawnee to Edmond and Northwest Oklahoma City.

When considering the most troublesome pest issues, Coon is quick to advise homeowners about two in particular: spiders and termites. “People should always be aware of the deadly spiders, like the black widow and brown recluse. That’s especially important for the elderly and young children. And of course, termites eat your investment, your home. They definitely do structural damage here in Oklahoma.”

After several years in the pest control industry, Coon still finds challenges in providing service to his rapidly growing customer base. “It’s always new,” he says with an easy smile. “You don’t see the same thing every day. I’m not the type of guy to just sit in an office all day long, and with this kind of job, I really have a chance to get out and meet a wide array of people. That’s the best part, getting out and talking with people, helping them solve problems.”

For more information about Avenge Pest Control, visit or call 693-2233.

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