BUSINESS: Armstrong Auditorium

The cast of "David"This December, Edmond’s
Armstrong Auditorium continues its much-loved tradition of offering world-class
biblical musicals. In 2010, the 823-seat symphony hall opened its doors with
“Elijah.” Last December, the Armstrong International Cultural Foundation
treated a standing-room-only crowd to the story of “Jeremiah.” This year’s
show, “David,” will fill the house again.

The musical revolves around the
story of David, proclaimed King of the Israelites, after slaying Goliath the
giant, and then spending years in hiding from King Saul. It’s a story of love
and sin, a story of good and evil, and a story of war and peace. Ryan Malone,
the writer and composer, captures it all with eye-popping sets, a magnificent
orchestral score and even Irish dancing.

“David is one of the most
important figures in the Bible. His journey from boy to king—from transgression
to redemption—is told in vivid detail like no other. God made some incredible
promises to David that really stagger the imagination,” says Shane Granger,
Armstrong Auditorium’s Marketing Director. “His journey is a model for all men,
and the more clearly we see his life, the more clearly we can begin to
understand our own incredible human potential.”

Armstrong Auditorium is going
big with this production. “David” includes more than 100 cast members. The show
features more than 200 costumes and three enormous sets. Malone is confident
that audiences will enjoy themselves. He’s no stranger to big productions,
having produced last year’s debut musical, “Jeremiah.” He also composed “Song
of Songs,” a choral rendition of the Bible’s Song of Solomon, and he’s the
regular producer of The Philadelphia Church of God’s many choral albums.

“The biggest challenge with
‘David’ was condensing the prolific biblical account into a narrative that fit
into what our cast and resources would allow. I think the show highlights the
most salient parts of David’s rise to power and his time on the throne. And
there are elements of the story that are not typically brought out. We’re
sharing the history of David in a fresh light,” says Malone.

will be performed December 26–29. Tickets are on sale for $8 per person. For
more information, visit or call 405-285-1010.

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