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I truly love producing my TV Show ‘Dog Talk,’ which airs Saturdays on KAUT Freedom 43. I’ve written books about dogs, recorded songs about dogs, had a radio show about dogs, but TV is the most fun of all. However, the truth is, it’s a heck of a lot of work!

First, you need a sponsor—oh, yeah. Then a mission which dictates the content for the show. My mission is to educate dog owners to the value of pet advocacy. Owners should consider each of their animals as valued members of their family, while accepting responsibility for the emotional and medical care of each of their pets.

Being a talk show host demands a pleasant presence, and an ability for articulate dialogue. Sometimes our most chatty guests can suddenly freeze when the red light on a camera is activated and their interviews begin.

Luckily, I can “talk dog.” So I’m prepared to fill in the conversation with relevant information, which I should have darn sure researched!

I have a staff of eight people (my co-host, my producer, my director, my audio expert, videographers, and three ladies who welcome our guests each week) who are awesome and essential for the success of each week’s taping.

We use the ‘live to tape’ method. So there are no ‘Re-Dos’. No mistakes covered. (I’ve had my share. It can be stressful at times.)

Dog Talk is divided into segments for diversity—both educational, and entertaining. I spend weeks selecting guests who will have vital educational information for our viewers; and I and my videographer spend two days a week taping interviews at rescues, shelters and events.  My Facebook page and website are updated daily.

So, a TV show as a business? It’s fun, but expensive, and it ain’t that easy!

For more information visit DogTalkTV.com

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