Bundle Up In Style

With the arrival of winter comes the season of something special, almost magical. It’s a time to let go, feel a little lighter and be a little brighter. In other words, it’s time to sparkle and shine, wear those extravagant pieces and not care about “overdoing it” with a fun holiday look. Make a point to be bold this season, both in your life and style.

Camel Clutch CoatIn Oklahoma, winter will surely come when least expected. One day you will be prancing out in a skirt, while the next you’ll be covered head to toe in wool, and it still won’t be enough. So, whether winter comes full force in December or holds off until February, be ready.

One of the most excellent benefits of a new season’s entrance is getting to change up a look and add more pieces to the repertoire. In winter, it’s more than the same old top and pant debate each morning, but one must also consider the gloves, the coat and the hat. Fashion is never boring and there are many new trends to play with this holiday season.

Coats are huge this season. “Specifically, there are three coats that have caught my eye this year,” said Cindi Shelby, owner and buyer for R Meyers. “There is the trench, balmacaan and clutch coat. Outerwear isn’t just for warmth, it’s an opportunity to make a statement and add some fun to your wardrobe.” R Meyers, a high-end boutique located in Nichols Hills Plaza, offers a wide range of clothing for every body type and every look. They offer fabulous gift options for the holiday season.

So let’s have a quick lesson in coat terminology to get through the season and help with any future coat purchases.

There is always the classic, a tried and true trench coat. Its fit is more slender and definitely not the coat to choose if you’re vacationing in Canada. It is meant to be snug and there is not much room to bundle up underneath it. Think Audrey Hepburn in Breakfast at Tiffany’s. Odds are, you won’t stop fantasizing about this coat until you have one of your very own. If only we could all be as effortless as Audrey.

If looking to layer underneath a coat, the balmacaan coat is perfect. Shelby explains the balmacaan coat similar to the wedge shape, with its raglan sleeves and tapered bottom. “This is a roomy coat that is perfect for those super cold days when you not only want to wear a large coat, but two long sleeves and a sweater underneath too,” said Shelby. This coat sounds like the ideal style for those ladies who are always cold.

Another favorite this season is the clutch coat. Named clutch for a reason, this coat doesn’t fasten with zippers, buttons or ties; you have to clutch it together to keep it wrapped around you. This coat gives off a Hollywood vibe and is perfect if you have a beautiful sweater underneath that you still want to show off.

Fur CoatHowever, sometimes it’s just a little chilly and you don’t need a heavy winter coat, but something to protect you from the crisp air. Enter the ruana. A ruana classifies as a wrap, shawl, poncho and/or cape. The ruana is versatile and you can wear it under a coat, in lieu of a coat, or keep it on all day with a simple tee.

Furs are also big this year, think of it like the star of the red carpet. “It doesn’t matter whether you go with the real or faux, just get some,” said Shelby. ”Whether it’s a fur-trimmed coat, full length fur coat, or just fur trimmed gloves, it’s a must for the holidays.”

Fringe came into the scene a couple years ago and isn’t going anywhere. Fringe is similar to fur in the way that the style works on a range of items. From fringe booties, to fringe purses, the options are endless. However, it’s best to limit it to one item at a time so you don’t look like you just stepped out of an old Western movie.

So what colors should you go for this holiday season? The fall season brought a lot of darker colors and shades of grey, but this winter stand out more with pops of color in those key items. Or try the fresh, beautiful winter white. Moms with kids still in their sucker years, perhaps try this look at a later date.

Sparkly earrings, bejeweled scarves, and sheen skirts. Furs and fringe. Coats on coats on coats. Don’t be afraid to try out new things, play with patterns and bundle up in the finest fur this holiday season.

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