Bricktown Brewery

Bricktown Brewery

When is a pub way more than a pub? When it’s Bricktown Brewery! Metro area locals have known and loved Bricktown Brewery as a Downtown OKC icon since it opened years ago, and now the all-new Edmond location at 2nd & Bryant is buzzing with its own exciting vibe. If you like cool rustic decor, an energetic waitstaff, local craft beer and a menu that tastes as good as it reads, this needs to be your go-to spot. Any place that can actually get you excited about a salad is doing something right. 

Priding themselves on ‘foods that surprise,’ Bricktown Brewery features all your best-loved foods, but prepares them in a way you never imagined. That’s a dining thrill. The recipes are inspired. Who knew the humble little meatloaf could be a menu showstopper? It can when it uses yogurt and pretzels to combine the meat, is wrapped in bacon, grilled and glazed with chili sauce. “Nothing is basic,” says Stephanie Mason, General Manager of the Edmond location. “Everything is next-level and almost everything is made from scratch.” The new avocado fries (yes, it’s a real thing!) certainly reflect that one-of-a-kind approach. They are lightly tempura-battered, fried to perfection and served with a specially crafted habanero mango dipping sauce. Life is all about the sauce. Bricktown Brewery seems to get that.

Even with a diverse menu featuring signature items like the Loaded Nachosaurus—a mountain of chips, cheese and goodies that always draws stares as it is paraded to your table—this fresh and inventive restaurant never stops inventing. “Every few months, we introduce new items on our Bricktwisted Comfort Food menu,” Mason explains. The braised short ribs, a menu highlight, take two days to prepare, and the slow-cooked finesse shows in every impeccable bite. You’d never imagine such a decadent food at a local hangout but that’s what makes it even more amazing. It’s like fine dining in a laid-back atmosphere. What’s better than that? The Short Rib Burger, Mac’d Grilled Cheese and Tomato Soup and Bluesberry Poached Salmon are other top picks on the Bricktwisted menu. Enjoy through mid-February when a whole new Bricktwisted menu will be coming. 

Of course, you can’t leave Bricktown Brewery without trying one of their renowned local craft beers. The Bluesberry, the most popular in the signature lineup, is a perfect year-round fruit beer. Real blueberries give the ale a playful purple hue that everyone loves. The Old King Kolsch, another top pick, is a drinkably light, crisp ale served in a large goblet. Hold on with both hands and enjoy!

It’s rare to find a happening spot where you enjoy hanging out with friends that’s also family-friendly, but Bricktown Brewery knows its community and strikes the perfect balance for both. Their popular weekday lunch specials and daily happy hour from 3-6pm are always a hit. If you haven’t eaten at Bricktown Brewery in Edmond recently, grab your friends and go see what you’re missing!

Visit Bricktown Brewery at 1150 E. 2nd Street in Edmond or


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