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The homebuilding industry has come a long way since the days when every home on a block looked the same on the outside and all had the same floor plan on the inside.

Today, those looking for a customized French Chateau, a Georgian Colonial or an English Tudor can go to one place. Brent Gibson is the man to call. Brent Gibson Classic Home Design of Edmond has been in business for 28 years, providing such choices as quaint English cottages and country French homes.

Gibson and his family have spent the last 16 years in Edmond where, he is proud to say, both his daughters attended Edmond Santa Fe High School.

“One of them is married and will be having a baby soon,” he began. “I’m going to be a grandpa!”

Gibson first began his business while he was in college studying design and commercial art. Today, his business is a national as well as a global success with homes designed by Gibson constructed in Africa and a new one set to begin soon in Ireland.

With designs ranging in size from 2,000 to 20,000 square feet, Gibson designs mostly European-influenced homes but also truly caters to each individual client’s needs and wants.

A typical new home design session begins with a meeting between Gibson and the client. The group spends about two hours determining the size of the home to be built and how it will fit the client’s land. At this point, the designer asks questions to determine specifics about the new home.

“They usually come with some idea of what they want,” Gibson said of his clients. “We design their plan in front of them.”

Gibson added that one reason his home designs are so popular is that he includes well-designed kitchens, along with extra closets and storage spaces throughout the plan. He likened this aspect of his work to a Mel Gibson movie from a few years ago.

“I know what women want because I listen,” Gibson said.

He explained that families have different needs. Some request a small computer nook. Athletic families often like extra space for sporting equipment. Families with children also have different considerations that must be accommodated in order to fit their needs.

“The designs are family-friendly and flow well. They’re great for entertaining,” Gibson explained.

Gibson says his homes are designed to be “timeless” but not necessarily identifiable with any specific time period or year. He explained that, as the years go by, Gibson homes only become more and more attractive.

The majority of Gibson’s designs can be found in upscale neighborhoods. For example, he currently has at least seven houses under construction in the Nichols Hills area of Oklahoma City. Also, four of the seven homes in Edmond’s Edgewater Dream Home Tour were Gibson designs. He also designed the first Edmond’s Women Club House at Oak Tree in 1992.

More than 30 Gibson homes can be found in the Gaillardia Golf and Country Club and over 60 in the Oak Tree Golf and Country Club. The Ashton Grove addition in Norman also includes several homes designed by Gibson. Prestigious golf courses in Oregon, Texas and South Carolina boast of Gibson home designs as well.


Gibson believes clients choose Brent Gibson Classic Home Design because of the reputation behind the name. He said his homes have a certain “curb appeal” and clients can actually distinguish between his designs and those by other companies.

“We’ve had people tell us they know when a home has been designed by us,” Gibson said.

Another fact that sets Gibson’s company apart from the competition is that he has a background in the construction area of the homebuilding process. He has built, framed and roofed homes.

Brent Gibson Classic Home Design’s website ( explained that Gibson goes one step further to meet the desires of his clients. Gibson has been asked to recreate historical homes. Upon receiving a request, he then does research in order to determine how best to incorporate “all the charm and beauty of homes that are now in many historical districts.”

The website, hosted by Back40 Design, includes four new plan books that clients can purchase while on their quests for new homes. This aspect allows clients to either purchase pre-made plans or to meet with a consultant to design a custom-made plan of their own.

For more information, check out his web site or visit the Home Plan Gallery at 415 W 15th in Edmond, open 9 a.m. until 5 p.m. Monday through Friday.


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