Breaking Up with Bread

Gluten-free. Hmmph. I was irritated just hearing the term and picturing all the fabulous, wheat-laden goodies forbidden on this healthy eating plan that’s swept the nation. Where was I when bread and pasta went out of style? Besides, I thought gluten was only a no-no for people with a food intolerance or allergy issue. If I don’t have them, I don’t have an issue, right? But my employer and my mom both lost more than 20 pounds going gluten-free. I had no choice but to pay attention.

Ribs at Earl's Rib PalaceAfter learning that potatoes and rice were gluten-free, I felt a bit less hostile. Maybe it’s not so restrictive after all. Just look at all the indulgent foods labeled gluten-free on restaurant menus. How promising to know that most restaurants embrace this healthy movement. I can work out my hostility over pork roast, brisket and kabobs. In addition to rice and potatoes, corn, beans, eggs, natural cheeses, fresh fruits and vegetables and fresh meat, fish and poultry—minus sauce or breading—are all acceptable. Whew. I can work with that.

Many restaurant owners have seen the gluten-free trend transition from a mere diet to a more mainstream, healthy lifestyle choice, and it appears to be here to sta