Breakfast on Boulevard

‘‘We’re hungry, all of us, in many different ways,” says Mickey Stufflebean, program moderator of Breakfast on Boulevard, which provides free meals to any and all who show up to receive them. “We’re all in this together.”

Breakfast on Boulevard Volunteers, Steve Hanson, Steve Peterson, Mickey Stufflebean, Lori Douglas

Many of the faces you’ll see are repeat visitors—not just coming for food or to volunteer to serve, but also for the social interaction and the sense of community they find. Sometimes it’s the hunger for connection that keeps people coming back.

Modest Beginnings

On May 7, 1990, Carole Roberts and Patty McKibbon began Breakfast on Boulevard, based on a similar program in Ponca City. A community program, the program is hosted at the First Christian Church of Edmond, financed by donations and run by volunteers from 6-7 different churches. The mission of the program is simple: to feed all who are hungry. As Stufflebean says, it’s not just about the food.

Sheila Brooks mixing something tasty

In the first year of the program, about 3,000 meals were served. On the first