BOE: Patient to Practice

Dustin and Angela Schmidt discovered the benefits of chiropractic and acupuncture first hand, as patients.

They met when she was a police dispatcher and he was a police officer. Dustin was regularly seeing a chiropractor and acupuncturist for the back and hip pain associated with wearing his police belt. He was surprised when he also noticed an improvement in his allergies and sinuses due to the chiropractic care. Angela then began receiving treatment for her tight shoulders, neck pain and headaches, which resulted from sitting at a police dispatch computer for hours on end.

Their combined experiences inspired Dustin and Angela to attend the prestigious Parker College of Chiropractic. Both completed their internship by treating elite and high-performance athletes in Colombia, South America before opening Balanced Wellness Chiropractic Physicians at 307 E. Danforth Rd., Suite 154 in Edmond
last February.

“We appreciate the ability to watch our patients feel better, function better and enjoy life more every day,” he said. “We also love to educate everyone we can about the importance of lifelong spinal hygiene.” Dustin says regular check-ups at your chiropractor are just as important for your spine as regular visits to the dentist are for your teeth.

“Your chiropractor can make recommendations throughout your life to help prevent injury to the spine, as well as prevent pain and discomfort,” Dustin said. In addition to chiropractic services, Balanced Wellness offers non-surgical spinal decompression therapy, Gua Sha muscle work for chronic muscle issues and Kinesio Taping for enhanced sports performance and pain relief.

“Kinesio Taping gives stability to your joints and muscles and supports them without  affecting range of motion and circulation. It is used by athletes to increase performance and comfort during competition. It is also used for muscle spasm, swelling and inflamation, and to treat paint,” said Angela.

“We also offer traditional needle acupuncture, as well as electronic laser acupuncture for those who prefer a quicker treatment option without needles,” he said.

Dustin and Angela’s love of helping people in need expands beyond their current chiropractic patients. They have both completed most of the training required to work as volunteer firefighters and Dustin still works as a deputy sheriff.

To schedule an appointment with Doctors Dustin and Angela Schmidt at Balanced Wellness, call

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