BOE: King of the Grill

Scott Alexander loves a challenge and trying new things, and his latest venture has him fired up. During a summer barbecue, Alexander noticed the residue on the grill his father was using. While discussing the difficulties of cleaning a barbecue grill, Alexander said he saw an opportunity. After researching online, even inquiring at house cleaning businesses, he discovered that grill cleaning was uncharted territory – it was “just
too gross.”

“Apparently, no one wants to clean past the top rack. But the carbon, grease and baked-on food doesn’t disappear; it just keeps building up,” Alexander says. During his research, Alexander found a specialized steam/dip tank as well as chemicals he would need to begin. In September 2010, Clean My Grill opened for business.

Alexander uses only environmentally friendly chemicals imported from Europe that have been successfully used around the world since 1994. They are biodegradable and safe for the consumer as well as for pets and grass.

Alexander takes pride in his work. “I’m not bringing in a high–pressure water hose to clean the grill and make a huge mess. I put down drop cloths and vacuum up any residue,” he says. “There are no harsh chemicals and no high–pressure hoses. This is a combination of a specialized dip tank and two hours of hard elbow grease.”

The work entails a lot of scrubbing and scraping on the grills, and the process itself takes around two and a half hours from beginning to end. “I like to take something that’s well used and restore it back to its original condition as much as I can,” Alexander says. Seeing the expression on a customer’s face when he’s finished cleaning a grill is “worth the 100 percent I put into it.”

Other benefits to a clean grill include the reduced risk of grease fires as well as the removal of harmful carcinogens. This not only extends the life of the grill, but ensures a healthier surface for families
to use.

Alexander says he enjoys the challenge of being a business owner. Originally from Edmond, Alexander attended high school and college in Edmond before moving to Japan for eight years.

“I see great success for this in the future. Clean My Grill is such a unique concept. Having your gas, infrared, charcoal grill or smoker serviced is similar to having your car serviced – it keeps it in good condition and extends the life of the product,” he says.

For more information, contact Scott Alexander at 405-657-9537, email or visit

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