BOE: Coffee Creek Golf Course

Coffee Creek Golf Club is normally open seven days a week, from sunup to sundown. This summer, however, the club is taking a break. Coffee Creek is closing on July 18, with reopening scheduled for Labor Day weekend. “We’ll be re-turfing 20 greens, totaling about 130,000 square feet,” explains Andy McCormick. “This is the most important thing we’ve done since buying and remodeling River Oaks in 1999.”

McCormick is referring to the addition of a new type of grass, called Champion Ultra Dwarf. Having been on the market since 1996, its temperament was unproven – a risky investment when faced with Oklahoma’s extreme weather conditions. For four years, the grass has undergone a trial run – with encouraging results. “We’re following a few who took a risk early and converted,” said McCormick. “Champion has made it through Oklahoma winters when it was 20 degrees below. We’ve visited places around Shawnee and Lake Texoma. The reviews were tremendous; giving Coffee Creek the ability to offer improved grass conditions throughout the summer.”

Coffee Creek Golf Club opened its doors in 1991 with local golfers in mind. Millennium Golf Properties, owner of both Coffee Creek and River Oaks courses, recruited McCormick to be its director of golf in February 1992. “At the time, golf was exploding as a sport, and we wanted to tie that into Edmond. There were private clubs, but very few courses that were open to the public,” said McCormick.

“We had tremendous success all through the ‘90s. By 1996, we were doing 45,000 rounds each year. Unfortunately, those numbers have declined. We’ve known for years that golfers choose courses based on the quality of the greens, and that’s been an issue for us,” said McCormick. “The grass we had just wasn’t as good as we wanted it to be – but now we’ve found a way to address those concerns and bring our greens up to par.”

Compared to the grass previously used by Coffee Creek, Champion is simple. It can be mowed a tenth of an inch and has a density that resists ball marks – providing golfers with a quality green on which to play. “It’s exciting to make this kind of commitment, to take that step forward. Just like any business, you’ve got to continue looking for ways to improve,” said McCormick. “We’re very excited to see Edmond’s response, and to continue our relationship with the community.”

Coffee Creek Golf Club is located at 4000 N. Kelly Ave. For more information, call 405-340-4653 or visit

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