BOE: A Penny Saved

Excellent customer service and longevity are two qualities that can make any business more attractive. Stillwater National Bank (SNB) combines those qualities with a vision for fulfilling dreams. As one of the oldest businesses in the state, they’ve been serving Oklahomans since 1894. With headquarters in Stillwater, they expanded to OKC in the late 1980s and became full-service in Edmond in 2008. SNB, one of two banks owned by Southwest Bancorp, Inc., is publicly traded on the Nasdaq stock exchange. The advantage this offers customers is bank regulations combined with a publicly traded company means “that anyone can know almost anything about our business; we’re an open book.”

John Osborne, market president for central Oklahoma, talked about the company’s stability. “Southwest Bancorp currently has about 2.8 billion in assets in Kansas, Oklahoma and Texas. We know banking is a trust based business. The leadership of our bank has understood this for 117 years. The trust of our clients is something we strive for every day. This has been challenging with the economic situation over the past few years causing the general reputation of banks to suffer. However, we’ve kept the course and we’ve stayed who we are. Our existing bank CEO has been with SNB since 1967. Our entire management team has that kind of legacy,”
said Osborne.

SNB offers traditional banking services involving commercial and personal accounts. They are also “a proven financial solutions provider in the health care industry” offering funds and treasury management for health care providers. However, it’s the employees that make SNB unique. “We have a customer service philosophy that’s ingrained in our culture. From the president to our tellers, we believe the customer comes first. Our people become experts at understanding their clients’ needs. That allows us to become our clients’ advocate, not just their banker. Customers don’t necessarily want just an account or loan, they want what those things will do for them. Our success comes from the understanding that we’re in the dream fulfillment business. Our services are simply a means to an end. We serve our customers best when we understand their dreams and goals,” said Osborne.

“The responsibility to maintain this type of banking is a powerful motivator to get it right. No one at our bank wants to see the service level slip on their watch. As long as we continue to structure our business in this manner and have this philosophy we’ll serve our customers well,” said Osborne.

SNB is located in Spring Creek Plaza at 1440 South Bryant Ave., Edmond. For more information, call 427-4000 or you can visit their website at

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