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“In my childhood I loved to take things apart and fix them, or just see what made them work,” said A Cleaner Place owner, Steve Fuhrman. “Sometimes they didn’t work when I was done, but I learned from that,” he chuckles.

Little did he know that his childhood tinkering would lead him to a 25-year-long career in the vacuum industry. Fuhrman began by selling Kirby Vacuum cleaners door to door for several years. Later, while working as an electrician, he continued his fascination by working in a vacuum repair shop.

After a short while, Fuhrman had grown weary of cheaply made, imported, disposable vacuum cleaners that were filling landfills and making customers unhappy. Fuhrman felt that in return for the cheap prices, many of these vacuums offered poor quality, little to no customer service and produced
unhealthy chemicals.

Many of these vacuums were sold in big box stores, with just one lonely aisle to select from, with minimum wage workers who simply couldn’t answer questions about the product. He had a better idea.
Fuhrman opened A Cleaner Place in 1995 in Tracy, California with the goal to provide specialized products and personal customer service. The business was moved to Oklahoma City soon after Fuhrman married Jeanie Jones. Oklahoma was home to his wife; it was centrally located for his vacuum business; and it provided an affordable cost of living.

Jeanie was sensitive to chemicals and had been using non-chemical methods for cleaning for years. The couple began to get more involved in selling Miele Vacuum Cleaners and decided to make a shift in products as they made the move to Oklahoma.

“I think you will be surprised that we are more than vacuum cleaners. We help people,” she says. “It is sad that most people have to be disappointed by mass merchandisers and cheap imports before they come to us. But when they do finally come around, we get to help them with allergy symptoms, chemical sensitivities, and even cleaning advice.”

A Cleaner Place offers excellent customer service by engaging with the customer, solving their problems, and offering quality products and services. They aim to provide eco-friendly products that are sustainable, free from harmful chemicals, and healthy for families.

They offer quality vacuum cleaners, floor care machines, personal care products, kitchen products and household products all with you in mind. A Cleaner Place takes pride in offering items that are made locally, regionally, or by responsible American and European companies. The store even posts signs, boasting the states of each of their vendors with most map pinholes right here in the USA.
Stop by A Cleaner Place at 12409 N. Rockwell Ave. in Oklahoma City or visit or to learn more.

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