boe: a balancing act

Those living with diabetes, thyroid issues or struggling to lose weight know how difficult it can be to reach their health and wellness goals, but now, they have a partner.

Edmond’s Draelos Metabolic Center was founded two years ago by long-time Edmond resident, Dr. Matthew Draelos, MD, who wanted local residents to find the most advanced care for their diabetes, thyroid, obesity, and other endocrine issues.

 “I saw a critical need for a center to help people lose weight, including those who have metabolic issues, such as diabetes, high blood pressure and high cholesterol – because losing excessive body fat is the key to ultimately controlling all of these conditions,” said Draelos.

Draelos brought together a team of health care professionals, specializing in weight loss, nutrition and diabetes. They work together to help patients achieve and maintain their best metabolic profile in terms of weight and overall health. 

“We have patients who have lost 70 pounds and more, and kept the weight off. They come in smiling and able to do things they had not been able to do in years because of weight or health issues. It is rewarding to see the life-changing impact our care can have,” he said.

Among the unique care offered at Draelos Metabolic Center is their ability to measure both resting and exercise energy expenditure, which is important information used to individualize care. The experts on staff choose the best nutrition plan and medications for patients in order to start them on the path to living healthier, more productive and fulfilling lives. “We can help patients learn how to manage their disease rather than allow it to manage them,” Draelos explained.

Draelos, who is board certified in Internal Medic