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Whenever Lily Jiang needed large items delivered, she became frustrated with the high fees and logistical problems she encountered. So she created a better option. FlasHOLR is a local, app-based dashboard that matches drivers with delivery customers.

Affordable Delivery and Towing

“We connect people who need service with people who own a big car, pickup, tow truck, or trailer,” Lily says. Customers use the app to request a driver whenever they need one. The company charges by the mile, just like ride-sharing platforms. Customers pay for only the miles between pickup and destination, with no minimum fee.

If you need help moving items into your home or office, you can add a request for labor through FlasHOLR. Labor charges are calculated by the minute, not by the hour, so the app is very budget friendly.

Extra Income for Drivers

FlasHOLR invites drivers and haulers to download the app and start earning extra money by providing delivery services. Drivers are notified whenever there’s a job within 30 miles of their location, and they always have the option to accept it or not. Driving with FlasHOLR is a perfect opportunity for students, full-time parents, and anyone who wants to supplement their income.

Lily also encourages towing, moving, and delivery companies to register on the app, where they’ll get notifications about jobs they might otherwise miss. The app allows drivers and businesses to connect directly with customers, bypassing third-party delays and extra fees. “It’s very easy income for drivers,” Lily says.

FlasHOLR is based in Oklahoma City and serves the OKC metro area. They will also facilitate deliveries to nearby cities if there’s a need.

“It’s like a taxi for hauling,” Lily says. “I encourage all customers and drivers to download the apps.”

Find FlasHOLR online at

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