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Outlook September 2020 - Eileen's Colossal Cookies

If you live in or near Edmond, you’ve probably enjoyed Eileen’s Colossal Cookies at events and parties. But you may not know these tempting, melt-in-your-mouth treats are made from scratch right here in town. Linda and Rick Engel, owners of the Edmond Eileen’s franchise, have been supplying the community with their favorite cookies for almost two decades.

Sweet Success

Linda became a fan of Eileen’s cookies while living in Nebraska, where the franchise is headquartered. When the couple moved to Oklahoma for Rick’s work as a Thoroughbred racehorse trainer, she realized Edmond would be a perfect place for an Eileen’s store.

At first, Linda assumed the dough was pre-made at headquarters. She got a shock when franchise founder Eileen Harman briefed her on the mixers and other equipment she needed. “I told Rick, ‘We may have gotten ourselves in a little trouble here,’” Linda recalls. But their venture paid off. The Edmond location became a top-selling store, and the Engels later opened a second location in Nichols Hills.

Every cookie is mixed, baked, iced, and decorated by Linda and her team. One secret to their popularity is the quality of ingredients. “We don’t skimp,” says Linda. “We buy top-label ingredients. I think that’s one reason we’ve done so well.” 

Parties, Fundraisers, and More

Customers can purchase individual cookies at the Edmond and Nichols Hills stores, or they can place custom orders for fundraisers and events. Cookies can be decorated with team colors or a variety of designs. The store also sells pre-packaged frozen cookie dough for fundraisers.

Along with the high quality of their product, the Engels take pride in providing many jobs for Edmond residents. Dozens of local high-school students and homeschoolers have received their first work experience at the bakery. Some adult employees stay on for years.

“I want to thank everyone for giving us their business,” says Linda. “Edmond and the surrounding towns have been very good to us.” 

Visit Eileen’s Colossal Cookies at 1333 N Santa Fe, Suite 103 in Edmond or online at

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