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While many of his high school classmates worked entry level jobs, Zach Teague was already building a career. His father worked for a large pool company, and Zach often went with him on calls.

“I had a lot of experience before I ever got out of school,” he says. Since 2006, he has owned SOS Pools, an Edmond-based business focusing exclusively on pool maintenance and refinishing.

Making Pools Sparkle

SOS Pools takes the headaches out of pool ownership with regular maintenance services. Technicians clean, brush, check chlorine levels, and balance chemicals. Customers can opt for vacuuming as well. Surprisingly, the busiest pools often stay the cleanest. Activity increases water circulation, but an unused pool accumulates more dirt. 

SOS Pools also provides refinishing to bring pools back to life. They can make whatever repairs are needed, and offer plastering using top-quality SGM products.

Meeting Oklahoma’s Challenges

As a native Oklahoman, Zach knows wind and weather extremes create obstacles for pool owners. Regular maintenance is a must, since blowing dirt and dust can clog filters.

High calcium levels in local water present another challenge. It’s impossible to stop calcium deposits from forming on pool sides and bottoms, but Zach can slow down the process through additives in the water, filtration, and cleaning.

Committed to Safety

Zach wants customers to enjoy their pools despite COVID-19. He stresses that as long as everyone takes precautions, swimming is a low-risk activity.

Maintaining proper chlorine levels is a key to safety. It’s also essential to keep social distancing in the pool. “You won’t get the virus from being in the water,” says Zach, “but you can get it if an infected person breathes too close to you while you’re swimming.”

To protect their customers, all SOS team members wear masks and maintain social distancing around customers.

SOS Pools serves Edmond, Deer Creek, and northwest Oklahoma City. As the area has grown, their business has grown, too. “We show up, we’re prompt, and we make sure our communication with customers is on point,” says Zach.

Visit SOS Pools at

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