Biz Look: Snore and Sleep Solutions

Sleep problems can seriously affect a person’s overall health. At Snore and Sleep Solutions, Dr. Fred Winters offers an affordable, convenient treatment to help patients—and their spouses—get a good night’s rest. 

A Dental Solution to a Medical Problem

Snoring and sleep apnea often occur when the muscles in the back of the throat relax, blocking airflow. To hold the airway open, Dr. Winters creates custom-fitted appliances that position the lower jaw forward. 

“Comfort is the key,” he says. “When we find the therapeutic position, we’ll have a reduction of snoring and better sleep.” 

Patients with severe sleep apnea need a CPAP device. But for milder problems, an oral appliance can be just as effective, and it costs less. 

A Personal Success Story

Dr. Winters discovered the benefits for himself ten years ago. “My wife kept elbowing me at night because of my snoring,” he recalls. Poor sleep left him so exhausted that driving became difficult. Then he attended a seminar about oral appliance therapy, and he was fitted with his own appliance. “I started sleeping better,” he says. “And my wife stopped elbowing me, so my ribs were better, too!” 

When he lost his appliance, Dr. Winters made a replacement and began crafting them for other people. Eventually he trained as a sleep dentistry specialist. 

Newly Located in Edmond

Dr. Winters has been a general practice dentist in Okeene for fifty years. He recently moved to Edmond, and his brand-new office here focuses only on sleep dentistry. “This is the only dental office we know of in Oklahoma that is one hundred percent dedicated to sleep solutions,” he says. He plans to open other Snore and Sleep Solutions practices throughout the metro area. 

Dr. Winters treats adults of all ages. “We’re seeing more people recognize that the quality of your sleep is as important as the quality of your food or exercise,” he says. “There’s no better time in history to be healthy than now.”

Snore and Sleep Solutions is located at 1741 W 33rd Street, Suite 100, and online at

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