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Fine Hearing Care
If you’ve never heard of an audiologist, then listen up. Some studies estimate that only one out of five Americans who could benefit from a hearing aid have one. Others simply go through life with impaired hearing, unaware of the options available to improve it.

“People don’t realize that hearing is a quality of life issue,” says Kris Watson, audiologist and owner of Fine Hearing Care. “It’s a problem that’s easily denied, yet it impacts everything you do.”
Fine Hearing Care is an independent audiology clinic that tests hearing and provides amplification, primarily evaluating hearing loss and giving recommendations for solutions. The audiologists take pride in educating the public with honesty and integrity.

As an independent clinic, Fine Hearing Care doesn’t work for any one doctor, but with hundreds of them. With over 100 referring physicians of all different types, Fine Hearing Care offers that personal touch by making sure each patient gets custom care.

Unlike simple hearing aid specialists, audiologists go through at least eight years of college education to treat hearingloss. Audiologists assist individuals with the whole process – from diagnosis to recommending doctors, products or rehabilitative skills for remediation.

Because May is Better Hearing Month, Fine Hearing Care will be hosting an Open House from May 19 – 21. They’ll be serving “free cookies and smiles” along with great answers to your questions. You’re invited to meet the staff and have your questions addressed by a licensed audiologist.

Call 405-340-9191 today to schedule a free Quick Hearing Check and consultation. Fine Hearing Care is located at 2801 S. Bryant. Come home for your hearing healthcare!


Tower Dental
They say not to mix family and business, but that didn’t stop Mike Sebourn, DDS, and brother-in-law Eric Soukup from starting up Tower Dental together. As co-owners, Soukup manages the business side of things while Dr. Sebourn handles the actual teeth.

It’s a profitable relationship. Tower Dental opened up shop five years ago at the corner of Santa Fe and Danforth in Edmond and soon opened a second office at 15th and Bryant.

Sporting the slogan “Protecting Your Smile,” Tower Dental emphasizes protecting your teeth to stop problems before they start. “It’s important to go to the dentist before you start hurting,” says Dr. Sebourn, who stresses the necessity of regular checkups. “You want to fix problems while they’re small, so they never become big.”

Dr. Sebourn, who knew he wanted to be a dentist as a teenager, finished the standard eight years of schooling in seven and quickly established his own practice. As a child in a low-income family to whom the luxuries of proper dental care were unavailable, he looked forward to the chance to provide the care he didn’t always have access to.

Tower Dental’s offices are new, fully equipped, and a new machine that makes crowns in one day, obliterating the need for temporary crowns and multiple visits.

Dr. Sebourn says the most rewarding part of being a dentist is treating patients who self-consciously cover their mouth when they smile and then having a hand in breaking that habit.

“Once they have a smile they feel confident in, their whole countenance changes,” Dr. Sebourn says. “They go out and get their hair done, get a tan, buy new outfits. They feel completely different.”

To make an appointment with Tower Dental, call 405-285-7557 or 405-359-0074.


Oklahoma Sports and Orthopedics Institute
The phrase “walk of life” has a different meaning for people like Dr. Corey Ponder, an orthopedic surgeon that specializes in total hip and knee replacement.

According to Dr. Ponder, the number one cause of disability in the United States is arthritis, and in its most common form, osteoarthritis, the cartilage damage often presents itself especially in the hip and knee joints.

“From the standpoint of improving quality of life, total hip and knee replacement surgery is one of the most successful surgeries there is,” says Dr. Ponder. “People literally go from not being able to walk to walking.”

Total hip and knee replacement is exactly what it sounds like – surgeons replace the damaged joints with artificial ones made out of metal, plastic, and polyethylene.

Far from seeing the patient once and letting them go, Dr. Ponder says that as a surgeon “you basically marry your patients.” After operating, Dr Ponder continues to follow-up with his patients for years.

Oklahoma Sports and Orthopedics Institute’s Edmond office is located at 13800 Benson Road, Suite 201, just east of Oklahoma Christian University off of Memorial Road. For more information call 405-478-7111.


Last issue The Edmond Outlook incorrectly listed the telephone number for Dr. Joe Harris, dentist. The offices of Dr. Harris can be reached at 405-513-8100 or visit



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