Best of Edmond: Nelson Lawn Service

For some business owners, the inspiration to start their own company might be the idea of an independent lifestyle, or greater income potential or just a desire to ‘be the boss.’ For Andy Nelson, the inspiration to start Nelson Lawn Service was a fondness of cars.

“I love cars more than anything else, as far as worldly possessions go,” said Nelson. “When I was 12 years old, I knew I’d have to save up for my first car and I was already counting down the days.”

In an attempt to make extra money, Nelson went to the local newspaper to see if they’d let him deliver papers. He was too young, so he resorted to mowing yards. Nelson lived on five acres and had been mowing since he was nine years old.

Although Nelson started his business at a very young age, it wasn’t his first. “When I was in elementary school I started a candy selling business,” Nelson laughed. “My mom and dad would take me to Sam’s and I’d use my allowance to buy candy in bulk. I’d then take it to school and sell it. You’d be amazed at how big my customer base was!”

Nelson’s candy company led to bigger and better things for him in middle school. “I was co-founder of ‘The Candy Clan.’ Me and three of my best friends sold candy all day, every day,” he recalled. The clan met after school to add up sales and take inventory. “However, my profits may have been offset by my dentist bills.”

Today, business is booming for Nelson. Despite major growth, when you call Nelson Lawn Service, Nelson answers the phone. “It is very important for me to treat each customer as if they were my only customer. I plan for this to continue to be the case as time goes on.”

Regardless of the down economy, they’ve grown substantially every year since their inception in 1995. Last year was the first year to establish middle management. “It was a huge learning experience for me. Now that our infrastructure is in place, we’ve really been able to tackle a lot of new business. I feel very blessed at how much God has shown favor in my business,” he said.

“I can thank my dad for teaching me how to run a business and stand behind my work,” Nelson says.

When it comes to the kinds of services Nelson Lawn provides, Nelson’s rule of thumb is, “If it’s outside, we can do it.” They service everything from lawn maintenance, weed control, landscape design and installation, hardscapes; such as flagstone work and retaining walls, sprinkler installation and repair, landscape lighting and Christmas lights.

For a free quote, call Andy Nelson of Nelson Lawn Service at 202-4120.

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