Best of Edmond: Hearing Care by Hough

all would agree that relationships are the most important thing in life,” says
Dr. David Hough, PhD Audiologist and owner of Hearing Care by Hough. “Verbal communication
is the prime means by which we build relationships.”

one tenth of the population live with hearing loss and over one fourth of those
who are over age 65, Dr. Hough says. “My father, Dr. Jack Hough, was a renowned
ear surgeon and he called hearing loss the ‘silent hurt.’ Hearing loss usually
creeps up slowly over the years, eroding the quality of living,” Dr. Hough

David Hough has worked as an audiologist for nearly 20 years and has focused on
hearing rehabilitation for the past 15 years. He was co-owner and manager of
Audio Recovery at Hough Ear Institute until 2006. He and his family then moved
to New Zealand for a year, where he enjoyed a “working sabbatical” as an

returning to Edmond, Oklahoma, Dr. Hough and his wife opened their current office in the spring
of 2008. “It’s been great to tailor our business and I especially enjoy working
with my sweetie,” he says.

in the Timber Brooke Professional Center at 164th and Western, Hearing Care by
Hough offers hearing assessment testing and rehabilitation in the form of hearing
aids and hearing assistive technologies. Dr. Hough provides training programs to
help improve listening habits and provide verbal strategies to proactively
improve communication.

Hough’s success in dealing with hearing loss is measured by the improvements
made in the lives of his patient’s relationships. His goal is to help the
patient regain fluid communication, hear, understand and maintain a social
life. “We’re only satisfied when our patients are satisfied. We’ve worked hard
to keep our business streamlined so we can focus our energy on serving our

motivates Dr. Hough to serve people with a hearing impairment is expressed well
in their motto: “Communication is life.”

hearing organ is a miraculous creation and the technology applied for
rehabilitation is complex and advancing monthly,” said Dr. Hough. “It’s
imperative to trust your hearing health care with a professional – an
audiologist or an ear, nose and throat doctor.”

schedule an appointment, call 513-6465 or visit for
more information.

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