Best of Edmond: Concrete Technology

For years, concrete has been thought of as a cold, unwelcoming surface that lacks warmth. However, concrete has taken a refreshing turn for the better with decorative touches like stamped, stained and engraved concrete.

Terry Meek, owner of Concrete Technology, has been an expert in decorative concrete for over 11 years. “My business is family-owned and ran with a personal touch,” Meek said. “I am always trying to improve on every aspect of my business. The product itself is unique. It’s durable and has unlimited design possibilities.”

Concrete designs are one of the most popular trends for patios, floors, entryways, countertops and pool decks. Decorative concrete can be found nearly everywhere, from new construction homes with sophisticated concrete driveways, to budget remodels with richly stained concrete flooring. The weather-resistant quality and durability makes even outdoor kitchen countertops the perfect candidate for decorative concrete.

Don’t think grey and boring though. Concrete is now considered a beautiful decorative element, allowing flexibility with an element of customization. Consumers are able to select the exact color shade to coordinate with their existing decor and have personal mementos embedded into the concrete.

“I am able to use plain concrete as my canvas and turn it into a piece of art,” Meek said. “I see the canvas as a plain piece of gray concrete and then I begin my work to design the area. The canvas turns into an indoor setting as if you were inside of an elaborate home. Clients are always amazed at the final results.”

Although the greatest challenge for Meek has been reaching new clients, his biggest customer has been Diffee Ford, out of El Reno. “He allowed my business to be his decorative concrete source. The final outcome was for their 50th anniversary. I did the customer lounge area and the outside vehicle display area,” said Meek. “The customer lounge turned out to be a very nice area with my floor detail and the interior decorator finishing touches.”

After a long career in home building, family is a key element to Meek’s life. “My desire to be independent led me to own my own business, the inspiration came from my family,” he said. In his free time, Meek can be found on the golf course or spending time with his grandchildren.

For a decorative concrete quote, contact Terry Meek at 623-1297 with Concrete Technology or visit

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