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You might’ve noticed the bright yellow billboards, fleet of trucks and television commercials around town with the well-known “Salazar Roofing” logo. Mike Salazar, owner of Salazar Roofing, goes the extra mile with his advertising, and it shows.

He’s been in the roofing industry for over 25 years and decided to open his own business in 2004. “God gave me a vision,” Salazar says. “I saw thousands of yard signs with the name ‘Salazar’ on them. I started working on it and my vision came true. We’ve done thousands of roofs throughout the state.”

When Salazar first told his wife he wanted to start a roofing business named “Salazar Roofing” she told him no one would call. She advised him to use an American name, but he had a vision in mind. “I’m a man of God. I truly believe everything comes from Heaven. God is good. As long as your faith is strong, God will take care of the rest.”

Salazar was 16 years old when he moved to the US to pursue new opportunities. “Anyone who works hard can do anything here,” he says. “The state of Oklahoma has been great to us. Some of the best people in the world are here, and I put that up on my billboards.”

They stand out from the competition by offering additional services like gutter, siding, windows and paint. They have also begun to place offices all around the Oklahoma City area.

Salazar and his family recently visited his hometown in Mexico and took food and toys to the residents. “We had a great time. Now that we’re in a position to give to others, we’re going to do that. My wife and I will continue to make those trips to Mexico.”

Family is important to Salazar and the comp