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A Cut Above

Second generation goldsmith, Dennis Barrett will be proudly celebrating 45 years in business next year. Owner of Barrett Jewelers, he moved the retail shop to Edmond from Oklahoma City 26 years ago and the town has been good to him.

The modest jewelry shop provides exceptional personal service and they’re proud to conduct all their jewelry work in-house. “It’s something you won’t find at a chain store,” says Barrett. As large jewelry stores pop up all over the place, Barrett realizes the value in having excellent customer service and a personal touch.

He’s weathered the rise and fall of the economy and is proud to maintain great customers. “We’re a luxury goods item and we fall down the ladder. Jewelry isn’t something people ‘need.’ Our repair business has really kept us going.”

When Barrett moved the shop to Edmond, the economy was much like it is now. “It was kinda sad. I knew people who were rich and the best job they could find was hanging curtains.”

Barrett has learned everything he knows about jewelry from his father. Although his father is now retired after 60 years in the jewelry business, he still spends his days in the shop keeping Barrett company and “causing trouble,” Barrett jokes.

He enjoys time spent with his customers. “I talk too much. My customers know everything about me. Maybe I should keep my mouth shut more often, but if someone asks me a question, I’m not afraid to answer it. Sometimes I’m too honest,” he admits.

A true workaholic, Barrett hasn’t had a vacation in 26 years. However, he’s recently been invited to Florida by one of his customers and is considering the long-overdue vacation. His customers are obviously important to him and some have been with him for 25 years or more.

“My customers must have poor taste – they like me! I have a tremendously warped sense of humor, but for some reason they still like me.” Barrett’s humor hides his humble demeanor, but his dedication to quality jewelry shines through.

“I like seeing well-crafted jewelry pieces that become a work of art.” he says. He also values the connections he’s made in his store and as a business owner. “Some people I meet are fascinating.”

With 40 years experience in the jewelry business, Barrett is an expert in his artistic field with exquisite taste in jewelry. 
Barrett Jewelers is located at 3224 S. Boulevard and can be reached at 340-1519. 


A Clear Vision

Edmond high school sweethearts, Dr. Mike Grindstaff and his wife Tricia, had a vision. Although, the decision to open their own practice may not have come at the most ideal time, “Tricia lost her job when she was six months pregnant. We decided we wanted to be in control of our lives and start our own practice and raise our new baby girl in our hometown of Edmond,” Grindstaff said.

The couple owns and operates Optique Vision Center on 15th and Bryant. The business has only been open since July, but already they’re making an impact in the community.

“I always had a desire to be in the medical profession and have the doctor-patient interaction,” he said. “I was attracted to optometry for many reasons, including the technology, unique equipment, intricacies of the eyes and impact you can have on people’s lives.”

Prior to opening their own business, Grindstaff practiced in north Oklahoma City for five years with two established doctors. “I met so many wonderful patients and was able to care for them and their families. I’ve been able to see many of them at the new office.”

Dr. Grindstaff graduated from OU, earned his masters degree from NSU, and graduated with honors from optometry school in 2004. Tricia is the office manager for Optique; she has her own masters degree as well as a long list of experience in eye care and sales. Their staff includes expert optician, Chris Edwards and recent addition, Natalie Rinderer. “We feel like we’ve put together a great team to work with you and your family,” said Grindstaff.

“We’ve heard a lot of wonderful comments from our patients and customers just in the few short months we’ve been open,” he said. “They say it’s the most thorough eye exam they’ve ever had. They love the atmosphere, attention to detail, customer service, time we spend with them and our honesty when we help them choose a pair of glasses.”

According to Grindstaff, “Optique provides unmatched customer service, exquisite eyewear not found at every office or the mall, a boutique style office, superior quality and a two-year warranty on our glasses.  We offer extended and Saturday hours for patients.”

The most difficult thing Grindstaff faces now as a business owner is managing all the details of the medical and business side of his new office. Still, he’s happy to have started his own business doing what he loves. Being able to practice in his hometown community with his wife by his side makes all the difference.

Optique Vision Center is currently taking new patients and can be reached at 715-EYES. 

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