Being a Celebrity

Living the life of a celebrity can be tough. With the paparazzi following your every move and occasionally being the feature of the week on Youtube, stars have to adapt to life in the limelight. For a few Edmond residents, they carry only a portion of the burden.

Gina Davis
Once, while reserving a white water rafting trip in Canada, Davis encountered a flirtatious booking agent, who eventually popped the question, “Are you the Gina Davis?” To which Davis replied, “Yes, to my husband I am. To the rest of the world, I am not.” The conversation quickly concluded and soon after, the Davis’ were Canada bound.

George Bush
Hailing from the Lone Star State, Bush shares the title of president of his company. Edmond’s president Bush takes a lighter approach to world events and early wake up calls. “People call me at 3:00 a.m. and tell me what a terrible job I am doing. It happens all the time. I used to get upset by it; now I just thank them for their time.” For fun, he sometimes refers to himself as Bush George. “It never gets a second look.”

Alan Jackson
While never having a gold record or a top ten hit, Jackson does something the recording artist can’t. He drills vertical, natural gas wells for Chesapeake Energy. However, Edmond’s Alan Jackson does understand some of the cold, hard facts. “Once, when my wife was asked if a restaurant reservation was for the Alan Jackson, her replay was ‘I wish’.” He thought maybe it was because the Alan Jackson has a better voice, is better looking and has more money. “He’s got a lot on me.”
Cindy Crawford
A longtime Edmond resident and graduate of UCO, Cindy recalls her time spent as an actress and model. “I like to tell others that I’m just in disguise by looking like me. I’m really a former cover of Sports Illustrated.” Once, she met Edmond’s version of John Kennedy while paying a gas bill. It truly is a small world.

Don Johnson
Ironically, Johnson is a former police officer. He is retired and served on the force for over 25 years, spending many of those years carrying around the nickname, Crockett or Miami Vice. Though he has never had a partner named Tubbs, Johnson is familiar with the Cigarette Boats. “Never owned one, but been out on them before. Also, I don’t own an alligator, just dogs and cats.” You will probably never see this Don Johnson in a pastel sports jacket worn over a t-shirt.

Linda Blair
Most of the time, when we are asked questions about ourselves, there is little hesitation in answering. However, most of us aren’t Linda Blair. “I am asked, ‘Does your head really spin around like that or is that really green peas?’” (Those of you who have seen The Exorcist understand.) In a variety of ways, Linda likes to respond, “Since my exorcism, I am much better than I used to be.”

Dorothy Hamill
The funny thing about being a celebrity from Edmond is you are known worldwide. Take Dorothy Hamill for instance. “We travel all over the world and everywhere we go, I am always getting second looks after telling people my name.” The other thing about our Dorothy Hamill, “I tried ice skating once; never needed to do it again.”

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