BEFORE & AFTER: Pools 2 the Max

pool before

pool after

Copper is quickly becoming pure gold to pool owners who relish the pleasures of a backyard oasis but have tired of the expense, time and work required to maintain sparkling water. For decades, chlorine has been accepted as the most effective and economical method of pool sanitization, despite its harsh, toxic chemical effects that routinely damage clothing, hair and skin. As Edmond and North OKC residents Phil South and Ron Hudson discovered, there is finally a viable alternative that eliminates exhausting pool chores and ensures consistently clear, naturally fresh water.

Introduced to an age-old, revolutionary copper ionization system for sanitizing water during a chance meeting at pool school, South and Hudson partnered to form Pools 2 the Max. Driven by the extreme efficiency, low operational costs and safety of copper ionization, the two pioneered a complete and affordable system, now available to individual pool owners.

Pools 2 the Max offers a unique system upgrade for existing in-ground or above-ground pools currently using chlorine, saltwater or other chemical sanitization systems. Based on technology developed by NASA to sanitize drinking water for