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“Hello, Back40 Design. This is Satan.” No, but that is what a client thought they heard when they called earlier this month. We will have to assume that “Peyton” and “Satan” sound alike. In the mean time, Peyton Stovall, Project Manager, will work on her annunciation and we won’t be taking any more messages for the evil one.

There have been several post 5 P.M. Matt Ledford, Web Programmer, sightings at Back40 office. Is Matt bucking for a promotion? A raise? Has he begun taking project deadlines seriously? “No,” Matt explains, “the internet is out at my apartment.”

Office pranks are in full swing. Neill Harmer, Web Project Manager, encased Chris Logan’s (Web Programmer) business cards in a blob of green Jell-O and then artfully displayed the creation on Chris’s desk. Neill also rearranged Matt’s desk accessories -in the office refrigerator. Seething with revenge, Matt and Chris have implanted a program on Neill’s PC that makes the screen jiggle and emit a “scary goblin” scream whenever they press their F1 keys, which they press a lot. This is particularly annoying to the rest of us, but scary as heck to Neill as he has a documented fear of “scary goblins.”

Office pranks have claimed another victim outside the web department. Someone replaced Sandy Miller’s (CFO) favorite chocolate covered espresso beans with raisinettes. Caffeine withdrawals aside, Sandy took the prank well. She just wants her beans back, as she said “NOW!”

Donna Walker, Salesperson, continues her mission to destroy all Back40 camera equipment. Her latest victim, a 256 MB flash memory card. “It doesn’t fit – oh, now it fits, sort of,” those were the last words the little memory card ever heard. Monthly Edmond Outlook production budgets now include a “Whoopsie” catagory for Donna’s photography equipment adventures.

Rhonda Dennis, Web Designer, who is no longer satisfied learning web design programs, has set her sights on mastering her daughter’s new Furby. Rhonda has spent countless hours mastering the snore mode and still laughs uncontrollably when the Furby says “boring.”

This just in…Peyton has begun training for the 6th Annual Oklahoma City Memorial Marathon April 30th. Peyton plans to run the half marathon. We support Peyton’s effort to take part in this honorable event. We don’t even think she’s wimpy for only running half the marathon.

This just in, too… Our “spy” shot shows Chris Logan muttering Latin curse words while he changes his second flat of the week. Chris is considering buying a full set of baby doughnut spare tires – or a AAA membership.

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