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Neill Harmer’s (web project manager) well-documented fear of horses did not hinder our completion and launch of “The all-new classifieds site features video, images and related information of the fearsome beasts,” says Neill.

Edmond Outlook salesperson and new Edmond Chamber member Donna Walker has broken another sales record. This month’s publication boasts nearly 90 advertisers. “By direct-mailing to 50,000 homes and businesses, we cover this region like no other publication. This is our ninth issue and the Outlook’s popularity and value has continued to grow. Call me at 341-5599 to advertise,” plugs Donna.

Chris Logan, programming lead, says he is considering starting a blog. Apparently Chris is not satisfied with the amount of complaining he can do at work. He needs another outlet. Chris, is already taken; perhaps you can get the .net domain.

Catherine Lopez, office assistant, has modified her Back40 e-mail signature to include the catchphrase, “I’m so hungry, I could eat a whole hamburger!” This could be looked at as a cry for help. Or a cry for a hamburger. “Sometimes a hamburger is just a hamburger,” explains Catherine.

Peyton Stovall, project manager and seasonal snowcone enthusuiast, is thrilled at the opening of our nearby snowcone shack. Peyton has already consumed several of the frosty creations. “Catherine and I like them best when Matt Ledford (programmer) walks over there and gets them for us,” she says.

When not fielding calls from prospective clients and writing proposals, Dave Miller, CEO and self-proclaimed “way-too-young grandfather,” is teaching 2-year-old Aubrey how to say important phrases like “Grandpa Rocks!,” “return on investment” and “pork rinds.”

When graphic designer Craig Teel’s wife, Jennifer, recently baked a cake for the office, it suffered the same fate that all our office “bakeables” do. The cake sat in the kitchen area untouched because of an unfortunate baking incident in the past we’ll just call “Sandy Miller, CFO, death muffins.”

Rhonda Dennis, web designer, celebrates four years at Back40 Design. “Hey, don’t I get an award or some kind of recognition?” asks Rhonda. Yes, Rhonda, there is some leftover cake at the office. Talk to Craig.

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