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Neill Harmer, web project manager, broke into the modeling industry last month. Neill debuted as a prison inmate for a staged photo with a prison ministry article in April’s Edmond Outlook publication. Neill is hoping to parlay his newfound talent into appearing in police lineups. Number 3, turn to the right.

Sandy Miller, CFO, was informed that her lips move when she IMs.

Peyton Stovall, print project manager, successfully completed her first 10K road race. Peyton was sponsored by Back40 (though we are yet to lay out the cash for her entry fee), and in return for our sponsorship Peyton had to wear a T-shirt that said “Sponsored by Back40 Design – Fueled by Anger.” Peyton is still not even sure what that message means. We’re not really sure what it means. But we do enjoy Peyton asking fellow staffers, “Am I angry?”

Donna Walker, Edmond Outlook Salesperson, had just gotten off the phone with her husband. She was telling him about how she just beat a traffic ticket in court. “No fine, no school, it’s a miracle,” exclaimed Donna. Then the other shoe dropped. She received a call from the courthouse about unpaid parking tickets from the late 90s. The “officer” requested her presence back at the courthouse immediately – and told her to bring her checkbook – and then the “officer” told her, she just got punked! Donna’s husband has a good sense of humor. Donna was less than amused.

Craig Teel, designer, spent most of an afternoon hiding the Edmond Outlook logos for the contest this month. Half of that time was spent quizzing staffers if they could find them or not. When you reduce the logo to a black dot the size of a gnat, who wins? You do, Craig, but you don’t get a free meal at Dot Wo. You get to answer all the phone calls from readers who can’t find the logos.

In the “insult to injury” department, Chris Logan, web programmer, had a flat tire on the way to get a flat tire fixed. “My trusty baby spare finally gave out,” bemoaned Chris.

“I’m living off my fat,” says Dave Miller, CEO, who is 3 weeks into his Atkins/South Beach/Back40 diet plan. “Meat, cheese and assorted nuts… yum. I don’t know how much I have lost, but I am down a belt notch.”

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