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Matt Ledford, Programmer, arrived at work last week only to find his entire workstation wrapped in aluminum foil. Matt made himself comfortable in his reflective crunchy office chair and then vowed revenge on the parties responsible.

Neill Harmer, Web Project Manager and Party Responsible, says Matt is a good sport and reminds him that it is best to forgive and forget.

How many trips to an advertiser does it take Donna Walker, Edmond Outlook Salesperson, to take a picture for an ad? Two. The first time is to frame up the shot, the second time is to frame up the shot with batteries in the camera. Hint to Donna: If the camera feels light, its because there are no batteries in it.

“Just because someone leaves the office and doesn’t bring me back Starbucks – it doesn’t make them a bad person.” – Quotable quote from Back40’s new Administration Assistant, Catherine “Caffeinated” Lopez.

A new shirt and a $10 to-go meal at Quiznos! It can only mean it is Chris’s Birthday again. Once a year, Chris Logan, Programmer, tosses aside his mild-mannered demeanor and goes wild! Quiznos Wild! Short Sleeve Polo Shirt Wild! Chris knows living large.

Peyton Stovall, Project Manager, has been taking names and kicking middle aged butt. No, Peyton has not joined a gang, she is an instructor at Mind and Body Fitness’s Bikini Boot Camp. “Hey, soccer mom, drop and give me twenty!”
Michael Dick, Contract Programmer, is working his way toward employee status. During his second week his seating situation was upgraded from “uncomfortable chair no one wants to sit in to comfortable chair that doesn’t adjust.” Next week if all goes well, Michael is scheduled to get a light bulb for his lamp.

Kristi Griffin, Edmond Outlook Salesperson, spent nearly an hour trying to activate her new Back40 cell phone account. Unfortunately she was trying to activate the account with her new cell phone, which wasn’t activated. “I was wondering why I couldn’t get through…duh!” explained Kristi.

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