Back40 News

Sandy Miller, CFO, has a new toy and she is willing to share it with Back40 staffers. It’s a single brew specialty coffee machine. Sandy can now enjoy fancy coffee with the flip of a switch. Cappuccino, Chai Latte Tea, Mocha Swiss Decaf. The cost of leasing the machine? Under $10 a month. The cost of asking clients if they’d like a cappuccino? Priceless.
Neill Harmer, Web Project Manager, has had his official 15 minutes of fame. Neill photographed and submitted an office prank to NBC’s “The Office” website and they posted it to their “Your Office” section. Who would ever think putting all of Matt’s desk stuff in the company refrigerator would make Neill a star? Neill now has plans for a short film depicting the tin-foiling of Dave’s office.

Sporting something between a “goatee” and an “Amish-thingee,” Matt Ledford’s facial hair program is in full swing. “I’m not sure where I’ll go with this, or how long my wife will let me grow it,” he says. Matt is very soft spoken.

At a recent state wrestling competition, an ominous announcement was made again and again, “Family and parents, please stay off the mats while photographing the wrestlers!” A more effective announcement might have been, “Yo, Peyton, get back in the stands!” Peyton Stovall, Project Manager, finally drew the attention of officials and security – then flashed her Edmond Outlook / Shawnee Shopper Press Credentials (business cards) and she continued to take pictures of her brother kicking butt.

Rhonda Dennis, Web Designer, usually generous to a fault, broke tradition