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Jan. 12 marks five years of business for Back40 Design, a web/print/marketing firm with offices in Edmond and Shawnee. Dave Miller, CEO, states “My wife, Sandy, and I basically started Back40 in the middle of the dotcom bust, yet we have thrived and grown. This is due to the hard work and committment of the Back40 staff and our long-term relationships with clients. We’re proud of our achievement. This is just the start.”

With the holiday season over, Donna Walker, salesperson, will be retiring her dazzling festive holiday vest. Donna attributes the hypnotic quality of the vest to closing many tough holiday ad sales. For those interested in seeing the vest or buying an ad for the February Edmond Outlook, stop by our office. The vest will be displayed through Jan. 20.
If you are ever stuck at a toll booth without any change and Rhonda Dennis, web designer, is growing impatient in the vehicle behind you… don’t listen to her when she yells “The toll booth is broken, besides there is no camera – go, go, GO!” In related news, we (Rhonda’s passengers) apologize to the guy driving a blue Volvo with Missouri plates.

Neill “iPod” Harmer, web designer, attended the Dallas vs. Kansas City football game. Neill, who was heckled and berated the whole game, freely admits to being a diehard KC fan. By the way, Neill, it’s time to wash the paint off your chest.

Neither rain, nor hail, nor jammed printers, nor “out of labels,” nor “oops! forgot the cards at home” can stop Sandy Miller, CFO, from sending our slightly late Back40 Christmas cards to our clients. Next year, Sandy is considering a combination Christmas / Valentine’s Day card.

Chris Logan, web programmer, is rumored to be making preparations to personalize his desk. Chris developed several concept sketches and conducted exhaustive usability studies. So far, no items have been reassigned, but a fallen cup has been returned to its upright position.

“You can’t just nibble on my graham crackers and expect to get away with it,” says Dave Miller, CEO, of his recent infestation of kitchen mice. “I took out a total of five varmints, four with the old-school wooden snap traps and one I beat to death with my slipper.” By the way, Dave’s spacious and updated mouse-free home is for sale. See page 10 for details.

Everyone in the office is genuinely impressed with Peyton Stovall’s (project manager) new car. It is pearl white, sporty, has lots of power and a cool sunroof. Outside the office, an Edmond Police officer was also impressed, so impressed he pulled her over to talk to her about it. That and the fact she was clocked doing 53 in a 30 mph zone.
In a spontaneous act of selflessness, Matt Ledford, web programmer, has made his lunch randomizer available for public use. Now you too can have your lunch chosen by a web application. Go to

Immediate fulltime opening for an experienced graphic designer. We are looking for strong concept-to-completion skills in web/print. Visit for more information.

Seeking motivated, experienced, goal oriented individual to handle existing and new advertising/web accounts. Visit for more information.

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